According to the document:

“The purpose of this study is to review and assess Warsaw Pact country activities in para physics research. This includes assessment of trends, current research, and potential future achievements. Main concentration is on the USSR. Those topics that are considered of high potential are emphasized, although other topics that may have an indirect influence are also considered. This study has also been updated to include recent paraphysics research and activities that have occurred since the 1978 publication of the original study.”

Below, you will find two releases of the document.

First, you will find the latest release, given to me under FOIA Case FOIA-0078-2018 with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). This is a newer, less redacted copy, than the one below it of the same document, released many years prior.

Document Archive

2018 Release

blank Paraphysics R&D – Warsaw Pact, March 30, 1978 [144 Pages, 4.9MB]

Original Release

blankParaphysics R&D – Warsaw Pact, March 30, 1978 [125 Pages, 1MB]

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