P.L. 93-531, as amended by P.L. 96-305, authorized the acquisition of 400,000 acres of land to be taken into trust to be used for the benefit of those Navajo families residing on the Hopi partitioned Land with such land to be administered by the ONHIR until relocation is complete. The land was purchased and developed. The ONHIR installed infrastructure, chapter facilities and developed the Rural Community and Range Units.

New Lands Video, in both English and Navajo, commissioned by the ONHIR for the purpose of describing the New lands to relocatees who might be interested in relocating to the area. This video focuses primarily on the Range Units.

This video resides at the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) and is very hard to find. It is public domain, but all but one copy was destroyed prior to sending it to NARA.  This video was converted to the above format, and archived by The Black Vault in November of 2017.

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