This particular document was found, when I filed a FOIA request back on April 10, 2014, asking for: a copy of all records, electronic or otherwise, pertaining to the internal discussion by the National Security Agency on how the agency would deal with FOIA requests, the media, and any and all inquiries into the NSA after Edward Snowden released classified information. 

It took until 20 September 2017, but the NSA released the below document as responsive to the above.

Document Archive

 NSA/CSS Media Engagement and Outreach Plan: September – December 2014 [21 Pages, 1.8MB]

FOIA Case File

I requested the entire “FOIA Case File” with processing notes and internal documents, regarding the above case. Although I do not do this for every FOIA case I file, I felt this one would be interesting to see the “behind the scenes”.

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