This report presents the results of a review of Soviet research on the biophysics of parapsychological processes. The reviewers centered their attention on novel biophysical Information transfer (NBIT) mechanisms. The body of the report treats Soviet application of statistical theories, research done on electrostatics, the development of remote sensors, hypothesized carrier mechanisms, human sensitivity to magnetic fields, and performance training to improve. NBIT speculations are made with respect to Soviet research organization and as to the direction of future R&D. Conclusions are drawn concerning Soviet progress in understanding and applying NBIT mechanisms.

I requested the document Parapsychology and AI Research Report, 75-11096, but received the below report instead. I believe the CIA made a mistake, and I have filed an appeal for the record I requested. However, the below is related, and is archived here for reference.

Document Archive

 Novel Biophysical Information Transfer Mechanisms (NBIT), 14 January 1976 [119 Pages, 11.9MB]


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