This document represents the current policy of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) for the declassification of all 25-year-old and older NRO information covered by Executive Order (E.O.) 13526. Such declassification is conducted under the NRO Instruction 56-2-3 “25-Year Automatic, Systematic and Mandatory Declassification Review” as approved on 24 February 2014. The Director, National Reconnaissance Office(DNRO) has appointed the Chief of the Information Review and Release Group (C/IRRG) in the Information Management Services Office in the Communications Systems Directorate (IMSO/COMM) as the NRO’s initial 25-Year Release and Denial Authority. The IRRG is responsible for the review, pursuant to a variety of mandatory and discretionary release programs, of 25-year-old NRO information for declassification or continued protection. The need to protect sensitive space intelligence operations and capabilities and to establish policies for the classification, declassification, and release of related information were reaffirmed by the President in National Space Policy, dated 28
June 2010.

This Review and Redaction Guide (RRG) is a living document intended to achieve the spirit of greater public access to government records as envisioned in E.O. 13526. The IRRG incorporates policy changes and necessary clarifications (as vetted by the appropriate equity-holding Directorates and Offices) into the RRG on an ongoing basis, and interprets and applies the RRG’s guidance on behalf of the DNRO. Questions concerning information contained in this guide, or about
updating it, should be addressed to C/IRRG at [[ REDACTED ]].

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 National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Review and Redaction Guide for Automatic Declassification of 25-Year Old Information, 2015 Edition [280 Pages, 28.7MB]

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