The Congress and the President charged the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to oversee and direct the implementation of the National Intelligence Program (NIP) and lead an integrated and effective Intelligence Community {IC) that provides high-quality, timely, and objective intelligence. The Community Management Account (CMA) is the primary account within the National Intelligence Program (NIP) that provides the resources required to support the DNI’s activities to oversee the IC and lead intelligence integration. CMA resources advance intelligence integration and unification of the IC by enabling development of IC-wide capabilities, policies, and improvements in areas such as information technology management, security, human capital management, and language training; and investments in research and technology. CMA resources also enable the activities of the Office of the DNI (ODNI) and permit the DNI to effectively and efficiently execute statutory and other mandated responsibilities.

The FY 2014 CMA budget request supports the DNI mission to continue to lead intelligence integration, forging an IC that delivers the most insightful intelligence possible. The continuing rapid pace of growth in communications technology is causing a virtual collapse of time and distance among the peoples of the world. Instant communications and exchange of information are changing the dynamics of human interaction and relationships. The ODNI will continue to establish policies and provide strategic oversight of NIP activities in the collection, analysis. acquisition, research and technology, resource management, human capital, and infrastructure arenas. Consequently. integration of intelligence will remain the organizing principle to meet the needs of our customers effectively and efficiently and ensure increased security for our Nation. We will focus our priorities and chart the course forward by taking into account the evolving and increasingly complex global environment in which we operate.

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 National Intelligence Program, FY 2014 Congressional Budget Justification, April 2013 [276 pages, 34.1MB]

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