The following document, Model of Parapsychological Communication, was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from Wright Patterson Air Force Base’s National Air & Space Intelligence Center. The document is archived here for reference.

This was not an official U.S. Government study, but rather, a document that the United States felt was worthy of archiving in their own files. Please note: this is an English translation, and as such, contains many grammatically incorrect sentences etc.


Recently more and more is being said about the application of extra-sensual attention (MSF), mental telepathy, as a means of telecommunication. Numerous publications dealing on this matter in popular print do not have too many selective informations on the subject. In such a situation it cannot be simply estimated that the cause of it is sensational increasing the relatively soanty factual material, or are these strategic causes and only some new findings learned about it have reached the press. 

The Document

 Model of Parapsychological Communication, July 1965 [26 Pages, 1MB]

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