The following describes the Military Intelligence Digest (MID), according to the publications that have been declassified:

The Military Intelligence Digest (MID} is the Defense Intelligence Community’s flagship publication. This fully coordinated Department of Defense product identifies emerging issues and examines their national security ramifications for senior Defense policymakers, force planners, and warfighters. Analysts from the warfighting commands, service intelligence production centers, and DIA contribute articles.

As product manager, DIA makes every effort to ensure that these articles represent the best of the Defense Intelligence Community, while permitting analysts to engage in speculative and alternative analyses.

The MIDs blend of research, estimates, and scientific/technical intelligence compliments the [[REDACTED]] Executive Highlights, which focuses on current intelligence issues.

The follow are the declassified issues that The Black Vault has received. Many are heavily redacted, or are included only in part.

blank 28 March 1995 [3 Pages, 0.7MB] – The Taliban’s advance in the east has halted for now, and Interim President Rabbani retains control of Kabul. However, few prospects exist for long-term stability in Afghanistan. The UN, although marginalized, still may play a role if it is willing to lower its expectations.

blank 28 September 1995 [6 Pages, 1.2MB] – Afghanistan: Tallban Eyeing Herat – The 5 September capture of the strategic western city of Herat by the ultra-fundamentalist Taliban militia was a serious, hut probably not fatal. blow to interim president Rabbani. Opposition leaders are having difficulty forging a meaningful alliance with the Taliban, and these forces probably still lack the organization or strength to seize Kabul.

blank September 2001, All Issues Published [11 Pages, 1MB] – This request was filed in 2008, and the final release was not given to me until September of 2015. I have filed for other issues of the publication, and they will be posted here once they come in.

blank 10  July 2002 [3 Pages, 1.5MB] – Using false end-user certificates, front companies, and corrupt military officials, the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) paramilitary organization has arranged several gray market arms shipments since 1996. Gray arms deals are becoming routine for the group and have replaced the regional black market as its main source of arms.

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