General Leslie Groves, head of the Manhattan Engineer District, in late 1944 commissioned a multi-volume history of the Manhattan Project called the Manhattan District History. Prepared by multiple authors under the general editorship of Gavin Hadden, a longtime civil employee of the Army Corps of Engineers, the classified history was “intended to describe, in simple terms, easily understood by the average reader, just what the Manhattan District did, and how, when, and where.” The volumes record the Manhattan Project’s activities and achievements in research, design, construction, operation, and administration, assembling a vast amount of information in a systematic, readily available form. The Manhattan District History contains extensive annotations, statistical tables, charts, engineering drawings, maps, photographs, and detailed indices. Only a handful of copies of the history were prepared. The Department of Energy’s Office of History and Heritage Resources is custodian of one of these copies.

The history is arranged in thirty-six volumes grouped in eight books. Some of the volumes were further divided into stand-alone chapters. Several of the volumes and stand-alone chapters were never security classified. Many of the volumes and chapters were declassified at various times and were available to the public on microfilm. Approximately a third of the volumes, or parts of volumes, remain classified.

The Office of Classification and the Office of History and Heritage Resources, in collaboration with the Department’s Office of Science and Technical Information, have committed to making available full-text on this OpenNet website the entire thirty-six volume Manhattan District History. Unclassified and declassified volumes will be scanned and posted as available. Classified volumes will be declassified with redactions, i.e., still classified terms, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs will be removed and the remaining unclassified parts made available to the public. The volumes will be posted incrementally as review and processing is completed.

Following is a listing of the books, volumes, and stand-alone chapters of the Manhattan District History. Links to pdf copies are provided for those volumes and chapters that currently are available.

[ 13,904 Pages Total ]

Book I General

     Volume 1 – General

       Volume 1 – General Appendix E; General Index

        Volumes 2 and 3 were not prepared by the Manhattan Engineer District

          Volume 4 – Auxiliary Activities

           Chapter 1 – Legislative Contacts of Manhattan District

           Chapters 2 through Chapter 5 – Foundation of the National Laboratories (Ch. 2); Program for Production and distribution of radioisotopes (Ch. 3); Research and Development of Atomic Energy for Power (Ch. 4); and Declassification and Distribution of Project Information (Ch. 5)

           Chapter 6 – Investigation of the After Effects of the Bombing in Japan

           Chapter 7 – Contributions of Representatives of the Manhattan District to the Discussions and Proposals for International Control

           Chapter 8 – Press Releases – Part 1

           Chapter 8 – Press Releases – Part 2

           Chapter 9 & 10 – Assistance on the Canadian Pile Project (Ch. 9); and the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies (Ch. 10)

           Chapter 11 – Ames Project

           Chapter 12 – Activities of the National Bureau of Standards

           Chapter 13 – Preparation and Publication of the Smyth Report

           Chapter 14 – Investigation of Miscellaneous Processes of Separation of Uranium Isotopes

             Volume 5 – Fiscal Procedures

               Volume 5 – Fiscal Procedures Appendices

                 Volume 6 – Insurance Program and Supplement

                   Volume 7 – Medical Program

                     Volume 7 – Medical Program Supplement

                       Volume 8 – Personnel

                         Volume 9 – Priorities Program

                           Volume 10 – Land Acquisition CEW

                             Volume 10 – Land Acquisition CEW Appendices

                               Volume 11 – Safety Program

                                 Volume 11 – Safety Program Appendix G

                                   Volume 12 – Clinton Engineer Work – Central Facilities

                                     Volume 12 – Clinton Engineer Work – Central Facilities Appendices A, B, & C

                                       Volume 12 – Clinton Engineer Work – Central Facilities Appendices D

                                         Volume 13 – Patents

                                          Volume 14 – Intelligence & Security

                                             Volume 14 – Intelligence & Security- Supplement (w/Appendices)

                                              Volume 14 – Intelligence & Security – Foreign Intelligence Supplement No. 1

                                                 Volume 14 – Intelligence & Security – Foreign Intelligence Supplements Nos. 2 & 3

                                                   Volume 14 – Intelligence & Security – Top Secret Appendix to Supplement


                                                  Book II Gaseous Diffusion (K-25) Project

                                                     Volume 1 – General Features

                                                       Volume 2 – Research

                                                         Volume 3 – Design

                                                           Volume 4 – Construction

                                                             Volume 5 – Operations

                                                               Volume 5 – Operations – Supplement No. 1

                                                                 Volume 5 – Operations – Appendix

                                                                 Book III The P-9 Project


                                                                Book IV Pile Project X-10

                                                                   Volume 1 – General Features

                                                                     Volume 2 – Research Part I – Metallurgical Laboratory

                                                                       Volume 2 – Research Part II – Clinton Laboratories

                                                                         Volume 2 – Research Part II – Clinton Laboratories – Top Secret Appendix

                                                                           Volume 3 – Design

                                                                             Volume 3 – Design Appendices A, B, C, D

                                                                               Volume 4 – Land Acquisition, HEW

                                                                                 Volume 4 – Land Acquisition, HEW Appendices A, B, C, D, E

                                                                                   Volume 5 – Construction

                                                                                     Volume 5 – Construction – Appendix A

                                                                                       Volume 5 – Construction – Appendices B, C, D, & E

                                                                                         Volume 6 – Operation

                                                                                           Volume 6 – Operations – Appendix A

                                                                                             Volume 6 – Operations – Appendices B, C, D, E

                                                                                               Volume 6 – Operations – Top Secret Appendix


                                                                                              Book V Electromagnetic Project

                                                                                                 Volume 1 – General Features

                                                                                                   Volume 2 – Research

                                                                                                     Volume 3 – Design

                                                                                                       Volume 4 – Silver Program

                                                                                                         Volume 5 – Construction

                                                                                                           Volume 6 – Operation

                                                                                                           Book VI Liquid Thermal Diffusion (S-50) Project – Secret Supplement


                                                                                                          Book VII Feed Materials, Special Procurement, and Geographical Exploration

                                                                                                             Volume 1 – Feed Materials and Special Procurement

                                                                                                               Volume 2 – Geographical Exploration


                                                                                                              Book VIII Los Alamos Project (Y)

                                                                                                                 Volume 1 – General