On May 13, 2016, Popular Mechanics published an article entitled, “Congress Is Suddenly Interested in Cold Fusion.” David Hambling wrote:

“Cold fusion is rising again, thanks to allegedly successful experiments and demonstrations. Now interest in the field, also known as low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), has reached the highest levels, as the House Committee on Armed Services has asked the Secretary of Defense to provide “a briefing on the military utility of recent U.S. industrial base LENR advancements”  by September 22.

The Committee quotes a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) assessment that says if cold fusion works, it would be a disruptive technology that could revolutionize energy production and storage. That is putting it mildly. Commercial cold fusion as claimed by Andrea Rossi and others, outlined in our April article, would remove dependence on oil or other fossil fuels, domestic or imported.  In military terms, it would enable ships, aircraft, and tanks to continue indefinitely (or at least for months) without refueling, with abundant power for lasers or other directed-energy weapons.”

Intrigued, I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for this briefing material cited in the article. I received the material, which included the PowerPoint presentation briefing material (converted to a .pdf) along with a few pages of emails concerning the LENR briefing.

The FOIA response letter below can also be referenced for additional information.

Document Archive

blank FOIA Response [2 Pages, 0.6MB]

blank Briefing on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) Research (PowerPoint) 4 May 2016 [36 Pages, 1.8MB]

blank E-Mails regarding the LENR Briefing [3 Pages, 0.6MB]

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