Beginning in 1969, the Journal of Defense Research (JDR) has published defense related classified research, development and experimentation. The intent is to selectively rake available the peer refereed results of classified research and to serve as an archival Journal of this information to be used by future researchers.

Below, you will find various documents released about this publication.

Document Archive

blankCumulative Index of the Journal of Defense Research papers, 1969 – 1983 [65 Pages, 16.8MB]

blank Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Journal of Defense Research (JDR), August 27, 1985 [20 Pages, 1.1MB] – The task force concludes that pursuant to some changes the Journal of Defense Research (JDR) should be continued. The JDR is ‘mission essential’ as a classified research tool: is not duplicated by available source as DTIC; and does not present an unacceptable security risk. With respect to security issues and concerns about duplication with the DTIC data bases, our findings are base upon recommendations made to the task force by the Deputy Administrator, DTIC; and the Principal Director, Counter-Intelligence and Security Policy. As scientists and engineers engaged in research for the Department of Defense, the task force recognizes the mission essential nature; that is, the utility and uniqueness of an achieved, referred journal. Being the only classified journal of its type, the JDR is used to communicate ideas amongst the defense community and is a basic tool for researchers. Almost every professional discipline, including law, medicine, the physical sciences, etc., uses referred, archived journals such as the JDR as a fundamental research tool.

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