One day prior to Jeffrey Epstein reportedly committing suicide on August 10, 2019, approximately 2,000 pages of records were unsealed by the courts. They related to Epstein and allegations about what he may have been involved in, and were from a 2015 defamation lawsuit by accuser Virginia Giuffre [who claimed to have been abused by Epstein among others, when underage]against Ghislaine Maxwell [who allegedly helped traffic Giuffre], Epstein’s longtime companion and confidant.  The documents reveal many high-profile, very wealthy individuals, may have also been involved in some manner.

The 2015 defamation case was settled outside of court, under confidential terms. The documents relating to the case were petitioned to be released, which was ultimately denied. However, after an appeal of that judgement was filed, three judges from the Second Circuit in New York on July 2, 2019, ordered the released of thousands of pages relating to the case. The order is archived below, along with the first of the documents released on Friday, August 9th, 2019.

Document Archive

.Zip File of all four files listed below [759MB]

blank Second Circuit Court of Appeals Order to Unseal Documents, Decided July 2, 2019 [26 Pages, 0.6MB]

blank Complete Archive of  Unsealed Documents, Released August 9, 2019 [2,024 Pages, 394MB] – Processed / The Black Vault converted the remaining records not currently searchable in the .pdf, to searchable, along with rotating images that were not positioned correctly and appeared ‘sideways’ and difficult to read.

blank Complete Archive of  Unsealed Documents, Released August 9, 2019 [2,024 Pages, 387MB] – Unprocessed / This .pdf is as is, as first released.

blank Second Archive of  Unsealed Documents, Released August 9, 2019, Likely Duplicate from Above (Appears to be a smaller, incomplete set of records, but archived here for reference) [354 Pages, 3.8MB]


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