Introduction as published in the document:

ISIL regularly uses social media and frequently receives coverage In news outlets. This guide enables the use of domestic and foreign websltes directly associated to the group. Most documents created or containing official ISIL Information will not likely be seen on the surface web.

Remember that research Is an iterative process and not accomplished In a single shot. Try different search terms, parameters, and language (English, French, and Arable}. When conducting OS INT research, do not login Into any social media platforms with either your personal account or a generic account. Also, do not contact any Individual you observe, like or follow any posts or groups that the individual is a part of nor the Individual himself. Stay passive and only observe. Do not visit any foreign website using an account attributed to any U.S. government or DoD IP address.

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 ISIL Research Guide, September 2014 [9 Pages, 2.7MB]

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