Sean Hannity has followed the O’Reilly Factor for many years on the Fox News Channel.  It started with Hannity and Colmes, but later turned into Hannity’s America.

Below, you will find (negative) reactions about the Hannity program filed with the FCC.

As I want to point out, just because the FCC receives a complaint, does not mean there are any violations.  But it is very humorous to go through some of these complaints, and see what the American people are thinking.

Please Note: These are not my views, nor is it my intent to paint the Hannity program in a bad light.  I am a fan of Sean Hannity, and respect that he stands up for what he believes in.


Complaints against the Hannity Program filed with the FCC (01/09 – 10/09) [116 Pages, 13.89mb]

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