According to 48 CFR 42.203 – Contract administration services directory:

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) maintains the Federal Directory of Contract Administration Services Components. The directory lists the names and telephone numbers of those DCMA and other agency offices that offer contract administration services within designated geographic areas and at specified contractor plants. Federal agencies may access it on the Internet at For additional information contact – Defense Contract Management Agency, 3901 A Avenue, Building 10500, Ft. Lee, VA 23801-1809.

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FOIA Response Letter

Mr. Greenwald,

This email is in response to your request, dated March 29, 2018, under the Freedom of Information Act.  You requested copies of the Federal Directory of Contract Administration Services Components. DCMA perfected your request on April 6, 2018 and assigned control number 18-149 for administrative purposes. 

Based on a reasonable search, the attached record(s) are responsive to your request.  DCMA undertook a detailed review of the attached responsive record(s), which we determined and agreed to that the record could be released.  

The attached responsive record(s) are released in its entirety, and is considered a full grant of your request from DCMA.  There were no fees assessed to your request. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please respond to this email, or contact DCMA at [email protected].   


Kevin Strakal
FOIA/Privacy Act Analyst
Defense Contract Management Agency
3901 A Ave Bldg 10500
Fort Lee, Virginia 23801-1809
Office: 804.734.1488
Mobile: 804.467.9237

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