Recently, I was contacted about some very important documents that exist within the FAA holdings, referred to as the NAS Daily Event Logs.

The FAA NAS Daily Events Log, prepared each day by the Federal Aviation Administration, provides a unique window into the odd and unusual events that occur within the National Airspace System.


The FAA Air Traffic Organization – office of System Operations Services prepares this document daily, comprising between five and ten pages per day, a wealth of information that include reportable events such as:


  • Lost communications with aircraft, called NORDO ¬ no radio aircraft;
    emergency beacon code 7600;
  • Displaying or requesting unusual deviations from assigned routing;
  • Change of destination while on an IFR flight plan – COD;
  • Security Incidents ¬ terminal evacuation, bomb threats, breach of airport
    perimeter, airport closure, airport security;
  • Emergencies ¬ aircraft displaying emergency beacon code 7700 or reporting an
  • Hijack ¬ aircraft displaying emergency beacon code 7500 or reporting a
  • Aircraft experiencing a disturbance either on the ground or in flight;
  • Special Interest Flights ¬ overflights by aircraft from certain nations;
  • Special Penetration Air Defense Exercise ¬ SPADE:
  • VIP movements;
  • Special Speed Authorizations;
  • Mechanical Problems;
  • Laser Incidents;
  • Intrusions into the National Capitol Region Control Center ¬ NCRCC
  • And so on.


The number of incidents each day is large.


The NAS Daily Events Log covers the entire nation. Events are not separated  out geographically.

Back in 2013, I began requesting these logs, and it was not until September of 2015 that my requests began being answered.

Below, you will find the available logs, thus far.

Declassified NAS Daily Logs

 January 1, 2013 – January 31, 2013 [192 Pages, 56.2MB]

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