Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Collection

FBI File: 66-HQ-3286, Destruction of Bureau Records, 1944-1996


This file was obtained by The Black Vault from the FBI, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It references numerous instances from 1944 through 1996, wherein the FBI destroyed records and/or material evidence.

All portions of the file that have been released to The Black Vault, are available below. I have learned that there are at least 6,500+ more pages in the file. I am seeking those, and also going after pages beyond that, should they exist. Getting the files below has taken years, and they have ignored the scope of my request which should have yielded the 6,500+ other pages I know I am missing.

An appeal was filed on March 2, 2021 and that is being processed. This page will be updated when available.

Document Archive

FBI File: 66-HQ-3286, Destruction of Bureau Records, 1944-1996 [501 Pages, 26MB] (Note: This .pdf combines two separate releases. The pdf has embedded bookmarks to differentiate between the two.)

FBI File: 66-HQ-3286, Destruction of Bureau Records, 1944-1996, Sections 11-21 [2,353 Pages, 155MB]






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John Greenewald

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