The following document is an interesting find, written in 1981. It was about ethics and values of being a professional soldier, and in one of the examples about a sample conversation, is on the belief in UFOs.


A rule of thumb governing polite conversation is to avoid topics, such as religion and politics, that deal with personal values since the resulting arguments are usually inconclusive and sometimes volatile.

But that such discussions frequently bog down is not evidence that rational inquiry in this field is impossible. Reasoned analysis about personal and professional values can help us to be more rationally aware of the motives behind our actions, to identify possible inconsistencies in our moral outlook and to develop, in a gradual and systematic way, a more sophisticated work view.

The feature article that begins overleaf and the events listed below offer opportunities for this kind of personal and professional growth.

Declassified Document

 Ethics and the Military Profession. Values and the Professional Soldier, March 1981 [9 Pages, 0.8MB]

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