The Formal and Informal Action Procedures (FIAP)Manual provides information on administrative procedures related to formal and informal corrective actions. Developed by the Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection (DSC), the manual is intended to support the work of field, regional, and Washington staff involved in processing and monitoring corrective actions.

The manual describes procedures for processing the actions most commonly initiated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

These include informal actions (memoranda of understanding and bank board resolutions) and the formal actions listed below:

• Termination of insurance actions
• Cease-and-desist actions
• Removal, prohibition, and suspension actions
• Civil money penalties
• Prompt corrective actions
• Orders to correct safety and soundness deficiencies (Section 39)
• Investigation requests

The detailed procedures presented in this manual are not intended to replace sound judgment and discretion on the part of FDIC staff. Instead, the instructions are designed to promote uniformity in the application and processing of FDIC corrective actions.

Note: Only the first 100 pages of the manual were obtained. This FOIA Request incurred fees $40.40, of which, I am unable to pay for all FOIA requests that incur fees (I’d go broke!) But I added the first 100 pages here for review, in hopes someone may want to sponsor the other parts of the document. If so, CONTACT ME.

DSC Formal and Informal Action Procedures (FlAP) Manual, FDIC

 [101 Pages, 0.8MB]

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