This Instruction:

1.1 . Reissues reference (a) to implement policy, assign responsibilities, and prescribe guidance on the classification methodology for Information Operations (10) programs and capabilities within the Department of Defense.

1.2. Establishes guidance for proper protection of 10 activities.

1.3. Identifies and provides classification guidance on categories of IO activities. While this Instruction identifies the classification or classification ·range for specific items of classified information, it is not intended to be used as an itemized guide for applying Special Access Program (SAP) prota;tive measures. If required, SAP protective measures shall be in addition to the protections that are cited in this Instruction. 1.4. Addresses the relationship between the protection level for 10 activities and the security classification for specific elements of information within these activities. It clarifies information and requirements from a number of sources to identify the appropriate protection architecture for IO activities.

1.5. Constitutes authority and, in the absence of an approved program classification guide that provides specific classification instructions, shall be cited as the basis for derivative classification about, or declassification of, DoD information and material involved in 10.

DoD Instruction 0-3600.02

As of October 2016, this version is the latest.

 DoD Instruction 0-3600.02 “Information Operations (IO) Security Classification Guidance, November 28, 2005 [22 Pages, 4.9MB]

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