According to the Department of Homeland Security, the following is the Office of lntelligence and Analysis’ mission statement:


The Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) mission is to equip the Homeland Security Enterprise with the intelligence and information it needs to keep the homeland safe, secure, and resilient.

I&A’s mission is supported by four strategic goals:

  • Promote Understanding of Threats Through Intelligence Analysis
  • Collect Information and Intelligence Pertinent to Homeland Security
  • Share Information Necessary for Action
  • Manage Intelligence for the Homeland Security Enterprise


Our analysis is guided by our Program of Analysis (POA), an assessment of key analytic issues, framed as key intelligence questions (KIQ). These KIQs are shaped by customer needs, Administration and Departmental leadership priorities, and resources. Our KIQs are organized by time frame.

  • Immediate and Ongoing Threat KIQs focus on short term or operational issues such as imminent terrorist threats to the homeland. Production that addresses these threats provides the Administration and DHS leadership with the intelligence analysis to better inform near-term operational decision to increase the nation’s security.
  • Strategic Context KIQs focus on providing context, trend, or pattern analysis. Production that addresses these KIQs helps our customers understand recent threats in a broader, global, or historical perspective and they shape strategies to combat the threats or address gaps in homeland security. These would include, for example, how the evolving cartel-related violence in Mexico compares to past cartel wars or how threats to our national infrastructure are changing.
  • Opportunity KIQs focus on emerging issues or topics for which reporting streams are new or fragmentary; for example, these KIQs may describe the kinds of polices or activities that have been effective in combating newly emerging threats.

As might be expected of an intelligence element supporting a Cabinet-level Department, about half of our KIQs in the POA focus on providing intelligence to respond to the strategic needs of our customers. This is followed by our focus on immediate and ongoing threat. About 10 percent of our focus is on identifying new topics and issues that could impact the Department and its customers.

Below you will find records associated with the DHS/I&A and the reports they produce.

Document Archive

blank 2015: IA-0000-15 Report List Index (2015) [118 Pages, 4.2MB]

blank 2013-2014: IA-0000-13 or IA-0000-14 Report List Index (2013-2014) [118 Pages, 10.1MB]




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