The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Inspector General is one of the original 12 Inspectors General authorized under the Inspector General Act of 1978.

Systemic Implication Reports (SIRs) are produced by the Office of Inspector General to promptly notify officials of operational weaknesses that may result in fraud, waste or abuse involving HUD programs.

Below, are document releases under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) of these SIRs.

Declassified Documents

blank 2006-2008 (18 Pages, 2.8MB)

blank 2009 (8 Pages, 891K)

blank 2010 (10 Pages, 1.3 MB)

blank 2011 (5 Pages, 269K)

blank 2012 (7 Pages, 798K)

blank 2013 (5 Pages, 545K)

blank 2014 (3 Pages, 186K)

2015 – HUD Says No SIRs exist for this year

2016 – HUD Says No SIRs exist for this year

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