The Defense Intelligence Summary is produced by the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

These are classified documents, published by the DIA, and utilized by those with proper clearances within the Department of Defense (DOD). Issues detail intelligence issues throughout the globe and most remain classified to this day.

Below are some that have been released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Declassified Defense Intelligence Summaries

(From the most recent to the oldest)

blank Defense Intelligence Summary #10-66, 13 January 1966 [33 Pages, 18.9MB]

blank Defense Intelligence Summary #1-66, 3 January 1966 [45 Pages, 33.9MB]

blank Defense Intelligence Summary #273-65, 19 November 1965 [46 Pages, 25.1MB]

blank Defense Intelligence Summary #271-85, 17 November 1965 [14 Pages, 7.4MB]

blank Defense Intelligence Summary #1,  9 November 1961 [6 Pages, 1.6MB] – One missing page, and 3 pages fully exempt from release.  That is the determination after waiting more than 7 YEARS for this document to be declassified.

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