Quality space imagery is required for many new and innovative Low Earth Orbit (LEO)/Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO) missions including satellite inspection, servicing, and docking, as well as for general space situational awareness. Current space imagery capabilities require “experts” to be on-site at a mission operation center to conduct image data analysis, mission re-planning, system analysis, and space vehicle commanding.

This requires a significant amount of time and money as well as additional delays waiting for downlink/uplink opportunities. The goal of this effort is to move towards a more autonomous approach to collecting quality space imagery by developing autonomous image analysis and mission planning capabilities that can be implemented onboard the space vehicle.

This will reduce the required time and effort of the mission operations centers, reduce dependence on downlink/uplink opportunities, and provide space vehicles that can be more responsive to customer input.

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 Autonomous Quality Space Imagery for LEO/GEO Space Situation Awareness, June 28, 2011 [52 Pages, 2.9MB]

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