On March 3, 2017, I requested the Congressional Budget Justification document for FY2018.

Some agencies have not completed their document, but many claim they are posting them publicly when they are available.  However, on March 15, 2017, I received what I believe is a denial to the request. It is a bit unclear what they are referring to, but they do cite FOIA Exemption (b)(5), claiming the information is “Privileged communications within or between agencies, including those protected by the: ‘1. Deliberative Process Privilege (provided the records were
created less than 25 years before the date on which they were requested.’)”

A segment of the response can be seen here:

It is a bit unclear to what “unique” year in the budget world they are referring to.

Document Archive

blank Army Denies Access to Congressional Budget Justification citing “… the unique FY17 and FY18 year in the budget world” [5 Pages, 1.8MB]

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