A collaborative effort has been established formally between SRI International in Menlo Park, California, and ENEA (Frascati) in Italy. In addition to providing a framework for an International replication effort, this collaboration is intended to focus the complementary skills of the two laboratories on carefully selected problems ofPd/D studies. Researchers are attempting to test and demonstrate the cross-laboratory replicability of gas phase Pd/D excess heat, helium and tritium observations. Similar facilities are being established in both countries to allow on-line determination of heat effects correlated with 4He, and ultimately 3He measurements from so called “Case” experiment involving the application of modest temperatures and D2 gas pressures to a packed bed of palladium on carbon catalyst and other fmely divided metallic catalyst and conductive support materials.

A second facet of this collaboration is the joint attempt to replicate the production of tritium in “Arata/Zhang” double-structured cathodes. Massive hollow palladium electrodes were manufactured at ENEA and sealed to contain palladium black within the enclosed void. Two electrodes were operated at SRI as electrolytic cathodes in LiOD electrolyte. On experiment termination these electrodes were vented and their contents examined for 4He, 3He and evidence of tritium. Results of initial gas analyses are presented here. Further analyses are underway and planned. Experiments also are underway to study the metallurgical aspects controlling the loading of D into Pd, and to measure anomalous electrical characteristics and emissions from highly loaded specimens. The results of these scientific endeavors are reported in accompanying papers.

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