Project MX-800 is a nine month study and research program calling for “investigations in connection with the development of a supersonic air-to-air pilotless aircraft for use as a guided missile for the destruction of high performance hostile aircraft.”  The study and research are to provide recommendations for the continued development work required for the completion of suitable designs for all necessary components, and will include proposals for the additional engineering studies, development tests, and construction necessary for complete development of this pilot-less aircraft.

The missile is to have a tactical range of 6000 yards, a speed of the order of 1500 miles per hour, and is to be used against 750-miles per hour aircraft.

Document Archive

 Air to Air Supersonic Pilotless Aircraft Army Air Forces Project MX-800 Progress Report No. 4, March 13, 1947 [104 Pages, 4.8MB]

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