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Secret Nazi Flying Disks, Spirit Communication, and Adolf Hitler’s Alleged Survival


In early 1997, The Black Vault uncovered a chilling document through a FOIA release from the U.S. Army. This 1947 letter, written by Guido Bernardy, detailed secret flying “disk” projectile weapons, communication with the spirit world, and a shocking claim that Adolf Hitler was still alive and preparing to strike the United States and Europe with devastating new weapons.

Bernardy’s letter begins with an alarming assertion about a secret Nazi weapon developed during World War II. He mentions a Professor Maurer who, along with Professor Kleistow, perfected disk-shaped projectiles, described as “the most dangerous weapons in the world”. These disks, propelled by rocket technology and powered by atomic energy, were allegedly capable of traveling at speeds of 1900 km/h and had a destruction radius of 800 km.

The letter further delves into extraordinary claims of spirit communication. Bernardy explains that two individuals discovered they had “extraordinary powers and capabilities” to contact the spirit world, which provided them with detailed information about these secret weapons and Hitler’s whereabouts. According to Bernardy, these communications revealed that Hitler was alive and commanding operations from a specially designed submarine located somewhere between Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope.

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Bernardy’s most shocking warning was the impending destruction planned by Hitler. He claimed that Hitler’s forces were poised to unleash these weapons, resulting in the “total destruction” of New York, California, Texas, Wisconsin, and nine more states, as well as greater Europe. Bernardy pleaded with the U.S. Army to take immediate action to prevent this catastrophe.

Over the years, The Black Vault sought further information from other intelligence agencies, only to be met with “no records” determinations across the board. The only known documents are the Army’s CIC files containing Bernardy’s original letter.

Document Archive

1947 Letter to U.S. Army Outlining Nazi Secret “Disk” Weapons, Hitler’s Survival From His “Suicide” and Spirit Communication [24 Pages, 7.74MB]

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