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Energy Healing: Kundalini, Angels and Reiki and Super Consciousness

2013 / Color / Full Screen / 180 mins plus Special Features

Transformation of Body, Mind and Soul!

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An invisible force runs through our human form and connects us with a higher state of awareness. By understanding this energy we can realize our full potential and transcend to a more fulfilled state full of wonder, joy and spiritual enlightenment. By understanding and being at peace within ourselves, we can create a higher quality of life for ourselves thereby positively affecting those we love and care for.

Join the world renowned experts on Kundalini, Alchemy, Light Energy and more. Discover what our ancestors knew in ancient times and their sacred connection to nature and gaia, the heartbeat of mother earth. We are all made of light and have the power to transcend above our sometimes mundane daily struggles and problems. As we connect with our higher selves we are able to heal ourselves, and thus become better husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and friends.

Realize the divine within yourself! Empower yourself to overcome fear and other obstacles that are delaying your Happiness! All you have to do is begin.

Over Three Hours on ONE DVD!


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