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Diverse Dowsing: Practical Dowsing Techniques for Expanding Human Consciousness

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Dowsing is an sacred practice that has been utilized by ancient cultures for millennia to find not only water sources but sacred places of energy and much more. This film takes you on a journey revealing that there is much more to dowsing than the popular perception of it being “just a way of finding water.” Dowsing skills have been developed and refined to highly sophisticated levels, often requiring practitioners to specialize in a particular field so that they can provide confident and competent solutions using the art and practice of dowsing. You will see and hear expert dowsers demonstrate their skills in this fascinating, colorful and intriguing film. After watching you will be left with no doubt that dowsing techniques should be at the forefront of practical research into the mysteries of our complex human consciousness. You too could learn how to open doorways to experiences far beyond our five senses. With Hamish Miller are friends and fellow dowsers: Daphne Adams, Val Johnson, Sue Brown, Ralph Watkins and Professor Peter Stewart, DSc.

Running Time: 60 minutes plus Special Features


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