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    Encounter in Rendlesham Forest: The Inside Story of the World’s Best-Documented UFO Incident by Nick Pope

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    UFO Encounter of the Third Kind: The Rendlesham UFO Case

    2012 / Color / Full Screen / 150 mins plus Special Features

    The Rendlesham Forest Incident is one of the most amazing incidents in UFO History. In December, 1980, an unprecedented series of sightings and the actual landing of a craft (or multiple craft) of unknown origin occurred in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England. The base was used by the U.S. Air Force during this period, therefore dozens of USAF personnel were eyewitnesses to these events as they occurred over a 2-3 day period. Landed craft were not only directly encountered by military personnel, but a hovering UFO was seen emitting a beam of light directly over a missile silo which reportedly disarmed it.