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    Abominations of Humanity: The Evil Within

    Running Time: 60 minutes plus Special Features

    Mankind is a unique beast in nature because he takes joy in the known suffering of other sentient beings and hunts for fun and profit. This is the history of mankind’s abuse of his own species. Ever since man became conscious of his own existence, he has experimented with death and torture.

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    $24.99 $13.99

    End of the World (As We Knew It)

    2014 / Color / Full Screen / 180 mins plus Special Features

    There is a growing global unrest, a large faction of people from all walks of life, both young and old, feel they are being effected by an outside source, sharing a deep rooted fear that all is not “right.” Many feel that time itself is moving too fast, that they are traumatized by the pressure to “keep up” with the ever changing landscape around us, leaving many paralyzed and overwhelmed by the cacophony and mindless chatter of technology that pervades every aspect of their lives.