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    Death and Murder: Epic Ghosts and Paranormal Hauntings

    2014 / Color / Full Screen / 75 mins plus Special Features

    It would be terrifying to discover a coffin sticking out from under your home, especially a fully occupied one. Well this happens all the time in Mockbegger Newfoundland, a town that seems to have as many ghostly inhabitants as living ones. Dozens of mysterious coffins have been unearthed, housing very well preserved, but strangely dressed cadavers.

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    Ghost and Demon Children of the Damned

    2014 / Color / Full Screen / 75 mins plus Special Features

    Ghosts and demons send chills up your spine, but there is something extra disturbing when they are children! Carved through the hillside, off a rural road in Niagara Falls, lies an abandoned underground passage known as “The Screaming Tunnel.” Legend claims that years ago, an eight-year-old girl was burned alive inside this tunnel by her psychopathic father. Since that day, her ghost has appeared screaming whenever any brave souls venture inside the tunnel after dark and lights a match.

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    Greenways Farm

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    Lighthouse Ghosts and Carolina Coastal Legends by Norma Elizabeth and Bruce Roberts

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    Paranormal Ghost Hauntings at the Turn of the Century

    2013 / Color / Full Screen / 60 minutes plus Special Features

    Mary Gallagher was a prostitute in the 1800’s who stole a customer from her friend. Her fellow trollop retaliated by decapitating Gallagher with a hatchet. Mary is said to return every seven years, walking the streets of Griffintown, searching for her lost appendage.

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    Paranormal Haunting: Curse of the Blue Moon Inn

    2012 / Color / Full Screen / 75 mins plus Special Features

    High on the peak of the Moors stands the Blue Moon Inn, the home of Matthew Hopkins for as long as anybody cares to remember. Here is the place where once every century the moon appears to turn blue and all-manner of strange and terrifying events are unleashed upon the land. The time has come again and with it a small group of interested individuals.

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    The Ghost in the Coal Cellar: True Case Files from a Lone Investigator by Andrea Mesich

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    The Little Book of Ghosts by Paul Adams