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    English Royalty: A Guide For The Rest Of Us

    2014 / Color / Full Screen / 60 mins plus Special Features

    They are the most famous royal family on the planet. They have massive influence, wealth and power and they once sat at the head of the world’s largest Empire – they are the English Royal Family. But what do they do? Where and how did they get their power? Why do they still sit on the throne of a modern 21st century democracy?

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    Ghost Attack on Sutton Street

    2012 / Color / Full Screen / 80 minutes plus Special Features

    Expert Ghost Hunters from Haunted Events UK search for life after death in the notoriously haunted Old Street Market of Sutton Town in historic old England. The area is so haunted that within minutes the investigation’s medium is contacted by not one, but four spirits, warning them not to split up or risk their lives. Ignoring the advice, they split into two teams.

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    REAL GHOSTS UK: Ghosts Arent Real? – Think Again!

    2010 / Color / Full Screen / 250 mins plus Special Features


    Ghosts Arent Real? Think Again Ghostly Spirits have been haunting locations all over England for centuries. Hear the chilling tales from people who have experienced amazing and terrifying encounters with the spirit realm, Visit some of the creepiest places on earth, where Real Ghosts manifest themselves routinely.