Welcome to The Black Vault's Store!

About The Black Vault Online Store

Welcome to The Black Vault’s Marketplace!

Born from a desire to simply provide better customer service and higher quality products – The Black Vault Marketplace has become known for quality merchandise at low prices.

The Greenewald Family, August 2014

The Greenewald Family, August 2014

As many online retailers get larger, the customer experience has fallen to the least important feature on their list. Many of them forget they are selling to you, a human, not just another statistic to increase their profit margin.

The Black Vault began as a small store to sell a few books and DVDs, but has now grown into a large marketplace full of quality, name-brand, and hard to find products — with LOW prices!

Tired of speaking to someone overseas reads from approved “scripts” to serve you, or email a mailbox that never even get acknolwedged?  The Black Vault is here to change that and help you get what you are looking for with an online shopping experience the way it should be… one-on-one.

My name is John Greenewald, and I began The Black Vault nearly two decades ago. Although it did not start as a store, it has become known worldwide for it’s online research center, global community and now a marketplace.

Don’t get lost as another statistic so stocks can increase and wallets can fatten for someone who doesn’t care about your experience or about what you want to buy.

The Black Vault is different. It always has been — and it always will be.

I look forward to the opportunity to show you what I mean.


John Greenewald, Jr.
The Black Vault