EXACT Date Unknown

Source: Mr. Luis Elizondo (The MUFON Journal interview with Mr. Luis Elizondo by Chase Kloetzke)

Quote: “They’re going back to the fact that Bigelow got the contract back in 2007/2008. It was the DIA who made the selection for Bigelow and it went through the official contract process of the U.S. government.”

This is a generalized statement about “the contract” given to Robert Bigelow. There is no clarification on AAWSAP or AATIP nor reference to BAASS.

Problem: This contradicts the timeline that the AAWSAP contract/program solicited bids, as publicly archived, in August of 2008 (see below). It also changes a definitive 2007 date, which in itself is problematic, that Mr. Elizondo has stated (see multiple points within this timeline) and offers a broad generalization of a start date within a two year timeline of somewhere within 2007/2008. This also contradicts Dr. Hal Puthoff, who stamps the start date as June of 2007, which also in itself, is problematic given the publicly available solicitations posted by the DIA seeking bids to AAWSAP. 

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