September 5, 2008 or later. Exact date unknown.

When Senator Harry Reid was asked about the allegation that he orchestrated giving the winning bid to donor and Nevada entrepreneur billionaire Robert Bigelow, Senator Reid said the following when asked by Mr. George Knapp, KLAS-TV, Las Vegas:

“We wanted to make sure people couldn’t complain that it was some sweetheart deal. No, it was put out to bid…”

Then continues on why Mr. Bigelow specifically received the contract:

“I am sure one reason that helped is he gave the best cost. *Laughs* Because he was willing to build the infrastructure and he did everything on his own because he liked the subject. “

Source: KLAS-TV Investigative Journalist George Knapp Interview with Harry Reid, airing December 19, 2017, in the initial days after AATIP was reported.

Problem: This appears to contradict the DIA’s statement. The implication with the above interview is that Senator Reid states they put the bid notice out and after an unstated number of bids came in, Mr. Bigelow “gave the best cost” which led to him getting the award. However, the contradiction comes when the DIA confirmed (see below) that only a single bid came in at all in relation to the AAWSAP program, and that was BAASS. 

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