September 5, 2008 or later. Exact date unknown.

In numerous email exchanges with the DIA’s Office of Corporate Communications, John Greenewald, Jr. was able to learn that according to DIA, BAASS was the “sole bidder.” The exact quote from the email states:

“DIA awarded a contract to a sole bidder [Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, LLC,] who identified and worked with academics and scientists to produce 38 technical reports. ”

Source: Email exchange between DIA and John Greenewald, Jr. Source Email. (In order to stop any misunderstanding, a follow up was written confirming that BAASS was the ONLY bid received, and the response was, “Yes.”)

Problem: This goes somewhat against the implication by Senator Reid that BAASS was given a contract because they gave the “best cost.” Technically, that can be true, but it is more accurate to say it was the “only” cost that was put forth. It is a bit misleading given the fact that Senator Reid was trying to put to rest that the contract awarded to BAASS was a “sweetheart deal” as he referred to it.  

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