Mind Control

Brainwashing from a Psychological Viewpoint, February 1956

The following document comes from the MKULTRA COLLECTION housed here at The Black Vault.

From the cover letter, signed by CIA Director Allen Dulles:

“The attached study on brainwashing was prepared by my staff in response to the increasing acute interest in the subject throughout the intelligence and security components of the Government. I feel you will find it well worth your personal attention. It represents the thinking of leading psychologists, psychiatrists and intelligence specialists, based in turn on interviews with many individuals who have had personal experience with Communist brainwashing, and on extensive research and testing. While individual specialists hold divergent views on various aspects of this most complex subject, I believe the study reflects a synthesis of majority expert opinion. I will, of course, appreciate any comments on it that you or your staff may have.”

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Brainwashing from a Psychological Viewpoint, February 1956 [93 Pages, 4.5MB]


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