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when the devil comes a knocking ...
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December 11, 2011
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June 24, 2012 - 7:59 pm
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congratulations to morsi on winning the Egyptian presidential election .
not a minute to waste . best practices theory:

when the devil comes a knocking.- America and Saudi Arabia will be coming yet again w/ tons of cash to bribe your souls and steal control of your bodies.
soon. jus like before , w/ a huge sack of cash. it is going to be difficult to resist the new Amerigringo development funds. you will get some video games,
and new computers that don't do anything , and of course Facebook and twitter
will be denied or switched off when the people realize they have been ripped
off again. where is Hillary and the tools to get around censorship ?

zillion of dollars of cash and promises that your kids can go to american colleges will be extended . because we are now in what we call the Omar SUILIMAN extended familiy of blood sucking black bats. they sleep in coffins most of the day, than come out to suck the blood from the unsuspecting Egyptian people .
behind the smiles that look like Cheshire cat smiles are long fangs.

they ask you sell out your people to a American israelian scaf controlled "second government." operating parallel the official governmental social services net , so important the less fortunate members of Egyptian society. resist.] tourism can offset this flawed interference . tourism and raised fees on oil and gas exports to israelians can significantly off set most of these blood monies that will come in to alter the balance of justice . accept what is good for the people.

dump the Egypt Israeli peace treaty . it's a loser . the israelians are not abiding by this treaty .why should you ? the scaf is enforcing it's existence and controlling the courts. how can this be ?it's a insult to the Egyptian people.and god himself.
they will become the dark heart and consigliere ( counselor ) wife /married -to the courts of justice . murderers will be free. justice will be denied . measure success from rapproachment with Iran , scaf will block attempts at this
and bribe you to do otherwise.

the holy Koran , fair and just application of Islamic law. ( turkey may be helpful.)
respecting the rights of the various religious entities in Egypt. is imparitive.
women should be respected and given equal opportunity. they are an important but often forgotten resource in bringing justice to the people of Egypt . it is possible. Islamic law allows this .what is also imparitive is to allow freedom of expression by peaceful protest, media , Internet , and press. your legacy will be measured by this alone. (transparency and open courts.) peaceful freedom of expression.

continue to seek some form of legal justice for victims of Mubarak and scaf abuse, ultimately you are accountable by god and the public. the public with immediately want to see results . how to accomplish this ? scaf memebers
are not immune the legal system. or, are they ?

you must attempt civilian control of the military by decree if necessary.
dump amendments to your constitution that allow military control of your government. open gaza and free the Palestinians but denounce extremism
and intolarent views. freedom is for everyone , not just one view.

Forum Posts: 1494
Member Since:
December 11, 2011
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June 25, 2012 - 3:54 am
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than discern when it becomes unfavorable advantage . some say honey pots
are groomed early in life. similarly are not politicians ? I'm not looking for
clergy, I'm looking advantage for favor.re/ govt. conversely, from a nationalistic
viewpoint. American / outside education can improve a countries infrastructure
(nuclear advancement as well.) one can be relegitimized just as easily .
(I saw the phd. and type . )

life is layered at times. if he does insist permisson from israelians for egyptian military troops in Sinai . it says what ? speculative , it's a asset for the israelians whom control scaf w/ the Amerigringos. while he will come off smelling like a rose / nationalist to the people of Egypt.

REFUSE , and let public discord build over the many drone that deluge the
sky's already . ' let the wolf ( Israel) try to lie down w/ sheep' (Bedouin)

this is not to endorse violence but , empower methodology,that improves the independence and respects egyptian sovereignty ,only than it is thought can the citizens have a true sense of dignity and freedom the post apocalyptic shell left by Mubarak and his vampire squad .

Forum Posts: 1494
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December 11, 2011
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June 25, 2012 - 7:26 am
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we could argue, the only interest Amerigringo has in Egypt . by extension and internal control over American writers, from the radical esoteric Jew , is their relationship w/ israelians.

one has only to look at the false political persona Americans came to believe
about Egypt and how they were such good neighbors in the middle east and supported our past false belief that Israel is vital to our national security

in fact , Israel is not vital even remotely to America's security.
Mubarak like the former shah of Iran we're repressive cruel dictatorships .
gross violators of human rights . tolerated for their oil and their passivity
the Palestinian cause for justice . and , benevolence ( subservience )shown Israel

Egypt was said to have ridiculously low prices by contract to Israel post
Israeli / Egypt peace accord. meanwhile ,education of the egyptian people ,
continues to lag some 25% or greater -world compare. (women lower)for a lack of understanding progress in Egypt. (they too have responsibility.) women's rights or human rights .doesn't any 'edge- cated ' people read the percentages of literacy ,in the countries we prop up ,to use and abuse . I've seen as high as 98 %

it's imparitive I'm happy in my misery , so I'm going to work on this.

Forum Posts: 1494
Member Since:
December 11, 2011
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June 25, 2012 - 7:47 am
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one has only to referance the huge database(s) and informative power of the computer to grasp the significance of the power israelians have over media
control. this fact can be proven scientifically.

input for trail and error , negative sentiment toward Israel , any authors who
write for justice in the middle east or bring enlightenment ( shed light on
the controled ,media and political power ),the israelian Jews have over the
elected officials in America .

forward any and all authors of visual media, and print , as well, radio.
invariably are labeled anti Israel .anti semite. and hate mongers.

what I find bizzaro are the number of countries who enact laws ,contrary
human rights- basic freedom of expression.that criminalize the voice of dissent.paradoxically impoverishing debate in the very despotic socio political regime ,modification, desired and sought. re-democracies and free /open economies

Forum Posts: 1494
Member Since:
December 11, 2011
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June 25, 2012 - 7:55 am
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graphically and spatial colour coded algorithm depict, exponential

growth writers that write favorable and supportive propaganda about Israel .

almost meteoric rise in status, wealth ,and education. these are quantifiable.

all else , regulated the dust bin of history . writers, intellectuals ,

and minorities, are especially singled out. for political writings and dissent

labeled radicals . showing unfavorable and diminished , unremarkable careers.

'the monster hitler created '

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