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what is this ? the non- sequitur method of negotiation ?
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December 11, 2011
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June 16, 2012 - 5:15 am
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this is pointless dogma , and should have a balance from the doves on Iran .
the crowning of individuals albeit excellent writers, as the inferred
knowledgeable insiders and spokespersons for Iran /Americans,
is disingenuous , and counterproductive. why ? counterpoints support
original dogma. so, your doves w/ hawk talons...

the mutt and Jeff routine ( good cop bad cop)( carrot /stick ) obsolete .
of attempting confessions , to consolidate positions as well , and the
willful neglect/ entertaining a obsessional idea that the Islamic republic of Iran
will suddenly pull her sails down, on the fast running ship; named progress, and nuclear rights.

because , the (us )rhetoric; right and left, veiled , disingenuous,attempts
to bully Obama and leverage congress ,while negating the two negotiating bodies, fraudulently into returning to the singular thought ,that ,trading in stolen horses really does work ? ( enrichment rights and restoring trade. } it's ludicrous . one does not follow the other, they negate each other as well...( negotiating in bad faith.)

and yes, the American position is attempting to multi task all three objectives ,
leadership change, nuclear hegemony ,and ,military confrontation if necessary.
in what order . is arguable .

I would hope irans position remains central to the discussions. under the
auspice of N.P.T. and REGIONAL objectives. so stated, on record.

in addition and from a non / professional opinion. these two incredible talking points to implement in order to restore confidence in "good faith negotiations "
apparently prior goals failed because America refused its own demands? 😮

1)What about the suggested 'recognition of irans right to enrich' as a good faith effort and confidence building measure. ? :clap:

2) the lone wolf : israelians officially admitting ownership of weapons of mass destruction. and, they , the israelians ,becoming signatories to NPT .(reciprocal scrutiny and monitoring) jus like the other sovereign nation Iran .(Persia )

also, I did see 20 % floated . [from a third party non official. that is to say, the article read. ' at 20% ' clarification needed. ]

alternate types of reactors that will make these issues moot . ( discussed?)

stated goal: a WMD free middle east...ultimately the entire world.

any co/ member state that requests additional impartiality in attendance . my be present. confidence.

you want to take your 20 % and go to -convert to - " plate." ?
everybody must . why only Iran ? [ no one can take the words of one or two men
an hold the entire population hostage. under threat of use of force. ]
convoluted language that attempts to justify the maintanance of WMP.
(Ahmadinejad alleged comments... wiping Israel off the map.
if accurate translation)

(a nuclear " no country left behind " initiative.)
Israel , north Korea, India, pak, us , everybody .

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December 11, 2011
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June 16, 2012 - 9:31 am
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restricting the rhetoric and commercial interests ] 1st amendment rights ,
and ? commercial donations to politik ] i was in a public area and
switched to cspan , not a bad speech of all things tonight. from republican guard Mitch McConnell - held Obama responsible for (4) items related to 1st amed.
restrictive ]

however, mitch does 1st. amendment only partial justice in overstating everybodies rights ,I felt business was inferred. it was mentioned as 1 issue of left wing right polarization,' everybodies rights ... say again ? indeed.

yet, I think a subtlety needs illumination, if it exists. I side w/
Obama, for this reason. a business or corporation is not a entity on par w/
independent thought , nor independent action.

hybrid alien copyright 2012 ricardo

it represents it's employees and or stockholders who many don't vote or vote based on recommendations from the company for the company , that may have business objectives incongruent the employee. this in principle ,is a conflict of interest. risen to a constitutional level. a dominate /submissive relation exists
in the workplace, ultimately , employee, employer . (beholden)

although corporations could reasonably represent their own interests. for the above conjecture, the hierarchy relationship , will not allow true independent representation on a personal - political level. no ?

the relationship is one of potential discord in that
a company or entity has a hierarchy of power from (most/ least )powerful. individuals within hierarchy type relations are subject to stresses
that are not present individuals in a free society. ( conformity - abuse)

absent are the conforming , dependent relationship that negates ,actual free will ,outside the workplace.( constitutional precedent ?.)( abuse /demonstrative of this powerful hierarchy relationship is seen similarly in the military vote-here, and abroad)see Egypt .

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December 11, 2011
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June 16, 2012 - 10:15 am
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now in my alternate universe, I hear him (Mitch McConnell )talk about how we need not restrict free speech and limit debate.( totally paraphrased and maybe I'm wrong). I'm about to tear up. say it say it ...daddy ' o ' I promise if reelected,
to make it legal to grow marijuana in your backyard. here, free seeds from
uncle Sam .

but anyway, not addressed was attempting to enshrine in Geneva accords ,
or the Hague , on the level of nerve agents and land mines...

the universal criminalization of the utilization of propaganda and false information ,to manipulate the press or inhibit Internet by a the elected government ,toward ones own people, or another country. America guilty
SOS team , crazy team ... guilty.

basic human rights must never be abridged or deceptively manipulated. in that it could afflict the individual or population into false votes, discombobulate; life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. ( spiritual values ) of a country and contribute to the disruption of civil society.

thus, respecting the sanctuary and sanctity of gods gift the human being.

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December 11, 2011
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June 17, 2012 - 9:36 pm
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I feel so much better now. I didnt know if it was reviewing torture tapes ,
that made the differance . or, the knowledge America has been
consistent in its demands concerning irans nuclear dimensions .
quit the relief . to know, we bandage one arm . and break the other.

why the facade of negotiating ? for public consumption ? agreed . it will
make carpet bombing Iran more acceptable. I mean , if they reject demands
by America on behalf of Israel , or, are pushed defend themselves, and we
have media propaganda in place. ethical behavior isn't a issue. israelians get away w/ murder and pillage but America turns a blind eye. beautiful baby.

why did it take me so long to learn what life has to offer ? how fair and
impartial international relations can be. how it is worthwhile to be honest.

I'm especially proud of the fact America is a extension of her values. we aren't
hypocrites . we don't ask other countries to do what we don't do ourself.
right ? fiction hybrid alien series 2012 Ricardo

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December 11, 2011
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June 17, 2012 - 9:52 pm
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was the sarcasim felt. ? I was laying it on pretty thick. there's more.

what kind of message does that send individual behavior ?

it says : anything gos. what ever your strong enough to leverage by force.

or smart enough to get away with. 😈

hybrid alien series 2012 ricardo

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December 11, 2011
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June 18, 2012 - 5:00 am
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the press is not driving the rhetoric , but reports it. they have missed
what it is. and it's not Iran .

it's Israel and nuclear terrorism . they are the lone wolf. and the press needs
to investigate this. does the press have some favored status going on.
maybe viewpoint to share. ?

writers eulogy should read: a excellent writer. superb . they were neither
left or right, but , told the story and reported the news. god rest their soul,
for the stories they did not write about and went unspoken. they did their
absolute best.

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December 11, 2011
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June 18, 2012 - 5:23 am
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nothing wrong w/ pro or con. but, truth , how will I identify you ?
the other story is the 1st amendment being hijacked and words becoming propaganda during conflict or war. should be criminalized, why ?
I want to read what the enemy says .I want to decide if we have become the enemy. the press has dropped this simple truism and allowed it to go untested . so go our liberties. where are the great writers ?

Hague and Geneva convention should codify as illegal the manipulation of media
/propaganda to their own governments or to those of another country. as, a war crime. because in a free society, restricting the freedom of the press ,
is a weapon of mass destruction on individual liberties , expression.
religion. and therefore our most basic human rights.

government must not imped our access or abridge this fundamental human right to the press.( free or not ),information and it's use in all media. again I want to have a voice, I want to hear other voices . the sometime scream of dissent !
it awakens the soul.

like voting . a fundamental right that when exercised has the potential of great humility , or enormous abuse. we must be vigilant , we are the decision creators not government.

I don't want to read , we the people for a more perfect union. that never was, because we lost our voice among the cacophony of special interests , and we're disspossessed our 1st amendment rights for state security. I want to read .
to have knowledge. not the party line. not government speak.

war should not negate or diminish these rights. I want to hear
what the other side says about us . I want it to be a crime , a international crime
to manipulate news , reports , journalism, to ones own government , people,
or any foreign power.

propaganda must be catagorized as a weapon of mass destruction. because ,
not from what it does to the enemy. but the fact that negatively impacts
1amendment rights , a foundation for a free society. this must be a extension of values to build trust among the free , (nations)

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