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If Aquatank was running for President
October 18, 2012
4:59 pm
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April 9, 2009
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I spend way too much time thinking about politics and solutions. A while back I came up with an extensive political platform that I've revised. While I will NEVER run for office (I hope). I do think some of these ideas are worth thinking about and sharing. The first thing I must say is I support the Green New Deal in addition these ideas I've gathered & think best after researching many different things & parties. Its long so bear with me. ๐Ÿ™„

1) Pro-environmental energy independent decentralized infrastructure.
1a) Enhanced Geothermal Energy, this is the backbone of US Energy supply and cann suppy almost 30000 years worth of electricity.

1b) Windfarms,
1aI) federally subsidized non-planting farm land can then be used for energy production

1c) high efficiency solar panels on flat roofs, over large parking lots, alongside interstate roadways
and other highways.

1d) Tidal power plants

1e) Compressed Air and Electrical recharge stations nationwide.

1f) Promote enviromentally friendly motors as an imperitive.
1e1) Flywheel Electric battaries
1e2) Capacitor Energy Stoage
1e3) New Lithium Batteries (lithium being a byproduct of Enhanced Geothermal Energy production)
1e4) Safe Compressed Air Storage systems
1g) Pro Mass Transit & Environmenatlly Friendly Transport.
1g1) A return to Sailing Ships
1g2) Increasing Use of Airships and Hybrid Airships
1g3) Hanging & Rail Monorails for City Mass Transit Systems
1g4) Dual Solar/Wind Energy Production Cross Country National Tubular Railway system.

2) Pro Democracy. Democracy in Governmet Democracy in the Workplace.

3) Pro Multilateralism

4) Pro Peace
4a) Strict adherence to the Kellog-Briand Pact, with no more self defence excuses for military
exercises and operations abroad and outside the Economic Exclusion Zones of the world's oceans.
This means conflicts in a country's own territory that are immediate and ongoing are the only true
self defense outside UNSC police actions

4b) Reducing and eliminating our global military presence

4c) Banning USA companies from selling weapons or ammunition outside of the USA.

4d) A UNSC legally binding International Treaty limiting all militaries, violations will be considered
an act of war and of aggression violating the Kellog-Briand Pact and subject to a police action by the UNSC
if a member [including permenant member]of the UNSC is the alleged violator that countries vote & or veto
power will be excluded from the UNSC's vote. National Sovereignty arguments does not apply to acts of
aggression or pre-emption. Only a passing UNSC may initiate a police action, such action must be specific
and not implied.

4e) A UNSC sanctiontioned police action by a UN assembled and controlled military force specific
to the ongoing violent conflict or violation of the Arms limitation and bans in 4d would be the only way a nation could legitimately be stopped by use of force by invasion.

All Nation's Militaries Will Ban And Be Limited To The Following:
4d1) No Nation may manufacture, acquire, test, use, or hold Exotic Matter,
Anti-Matter, Nuclear, Biological, and Lethal Chemical weapons, domestically and internationally. Such
weapons are to be banned.
4d2) No Nation may have recruit and/or use persons under the age of 18
years by the military, intelligence/espionage community, and lethal combatants, domestically and internationally.
4d3) No Nation's forces may lethally target or assasinate a person under 18 years of age.
4d4) A total of 400000 troops including their civilian bureaucracy, and private military contractors and mercenaries being employed.
4d5) No Navy may exceed 400000 Tonnes in Ships + 400000 Tonnes in Aircraft Carriers.
4d5a) No Single Ship may exceed 100 000 Tonnes loaded displacement
4d5b)No Single Ship may have a gun larger than 20 inchs/508mm and may not exceed 15 such weapons.
4d5c) No Aircraft Carrier may carry more than 100 Aircraft.
4d6) No conventional explosive may exceed 70kg sq cm overpressure or a temperature of 1200 degrees celsius per bomb (Bomblets are considered to be part of a single bomb)
4d7) No Nation may have more than 1000 Military Aircraft including those on AircraftCarriers and Non-Combat Aircraft.
4d8) No Nation's Military Aircraft may exceed a sea level speed of Mach 2.5 in level flight.
4d9) No Nation's Military Aircraft have a combat range using extra fuel tanks
exceeding 9500km
4d10) No Nation's Military Aircraft may exceed a ordinance load of 24000kg
4d11) No Nation's Military Aircraft may have a gun exceeding 80mm.
4d12) No Nation's Military Aircraft may have a ceiling exceeding 32000m
4d13) No Nation may manufacture, acquire, test, use, or hold remotely piloted and/or computer piloted uninhabited vehicles as weapons platforms (excluding single flight Guided Missiles), domestically and internationally.
4d14) No Nation may manufacture, acquire, test, use, or hold Nuclear, Biological, and Lethal Chemical weapons, domestically and internationally.
4d15) No Nation may have military and/or commercial nuclear powerplants. Disassembly and destruction for all said power plants is required. No manufacture, acquisistion, testing, use, or holding of such devices is permitted.
4d16) No Nation may use Depleted Uranium or other radiological hazard or heavier elements as weapons and armor. their manufacture, acquisistion, testing, use, or holding, domestically and internationally is banned.
4d17) No Nation may have land mines. Their manufacture, acquisistion, testing, use, or holding, domestically and internationally is banned.
4d18) No Nation may use Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBMs) Weapons.
Their manufacture, acquisistion, testing, use, or holding, domestically and internationally is banned.
4d19) No Nation may have Anti Ballistic Missile (ABM) weapon systems. Their manufacture, acquisistion, testing, use, or holding, domestically and internationally banned.
4d20) No Nation may use Orbital and or Sub-Orbital bombing from space, it's use domestically, internationally, and interplanetary is banned..
4d21) No Nation may have more than 50000 armored land vehicles including tanks.
4d22) Neutral stance on incindiary weapons such as Napalm in combat.

4e) Forgive other nation's debts.

4f) Balanced Approach to Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Condemn both sides for the violence (including bulldozing of apartments and houses as well as other collective punishments inflicted by Israel) and work towards a lasting solution. Pro 1967 Green Line Solution and be against Israeli settlements beyond that border. Help Protect & Promote Palestinian (West Bank & Gaza) Sovereignty from Israel & Protect Israel from Palestinian attack by introducing a new UN General Assembly Controlled International Peacekeeping force that supersedes both governments in law enforcement and anti-terrorist issues and is approved to do so by both the Palestinians and Israelis. Promote the possibility of an equallity non bigotry based democratic unification of the two nations to create a United Holy Land.

4g) Balanced Approach and neutrality towards China Taiwan conflict.

5) Pro Government Restructure
5a) Pro-Term Limits on Congress and The Supreme Court as well as all lower elected offices.
5b) There should be a multiple ranked choice in elections so that if your candidate loses your votes go to your second choice and then to your third and so on.
5c) Electronic ballots should be synchronized with paper ballots with signature confirmation to avoid election Fraud much like Venezuela uses.
5d) Voter ID cards should be free and issued at graduation from high schools as well as by All US Post Offices.

6) Pro Humanitarian Foreign Aid

6a) Meeting and Exceeding The annual 0.7% GDP pledged in the 1970 UN General Assembly development conference and meeting and exceeding the Millenium Development Goals.

7) A Federal new income tax code that is based on both a Federal Minimum Wage that is pegged to the rate of inflation (currently in 2012 this would be $12/hr-$24/hr) and to Lowest Paid Worker in the Company. At 1 to 5 times the income of the lowest paid worker the tax rate would be a flat 10% as it increased to 20 times the pay of the lowest paid worker it would increase gradually to 100%. The result is that Executives could get rich it just means paying the employees more to do so balancing what they are willing to be taxed vs how much they are willing they are willing to pay employees. By benefitting employees more money stays flowing in the economy and over all this helps alleviate poverty.
7a) Legal Fines will be based on the nature of the crime and a percentage of income not a flat rate.

8) Pro Balanced Budget Amendment eliminating the deficits

9) Pro Reducing and eliminating the National Debt by use of a Internationally agreed to 5% sales tax on Financial Trade Transactions known as both FTT and STET (not .25% or .50% like some want but the fair regular 5% sales tax many of us already pay at stores) by instituting this so called "Robin Hood Tax" the USA's revenue would be increased to 3.5 Trillion a year (or Current Revenue is 4 Trillion). This increased revenue could be used to pay off the Current 2012 National Debt in around 5 years.
9a) Use excess to create a rainy day fund to armor against recession & depression by creating new work programs to help the struggling economy.

10) Pro Social Security

10a) Repaying The Social Security Trust while restructuring the Protected Payroll Tax to greater enhance the people's ability to utilize the benefit.

10b) Prevent raiding & protect Social Security by Constitutional Amedment

10) Pro Socialized Medicine and Hospitals, Medicaid For All on a Protected Payroll Tax like Social Security. Either at the state level or the Federal Level.

11) Pro Space Exploration

12) Pro Adoption and Pro Life except in cases of incest or when the mother life is critically endangered by pregnancy

14) Pro Social Equality
14a) Promote Democracy in the Workplace by Promoting Democratic Worker Owned Worker Operated Co-Ops by giving preferential low cost loans to such businesses, as well regulated preferential tax breaks. When we synchronize Equality and Democracy in both Government and Business we help create a more symbiotic healthy nation that can withstand more hardship as well as do more good.
14b) Discourage the growth of racism bigotry and the continued existence of an American Aristocracy.

15) Pro Gay Marriage

16) Pro Environment

17) Pro Exotic Dancing & Lap Dancing

18) Pro Therapeutic Organ Only Cloning

19) Pro Reproductive Cloning but accepts that it needs more research (moratorium continued until safeguards are established and sucess rate is 50/50)

20) Pro Recycling

21) Pro Genetically Modified Humans for medical reasonsbut accepts that it needs more research. (moratorium introduced and continued until safeguards are established and sucess rate is above 2/3)

22) Pro "No Confidence" Recall of sitting Presidents by Congressional vote through a Constitutional Amendment. This would lead to automatic new elections.

23) Pro dual national language; English & Esperanto

24) Pro- NON Genetically Modified Crops
24a) Pro Food Sovereignty
24b) Promotion of Home Based Food Production via Hydroponics and otherwise
24c) Promotion of Verticle Farming
25d) Promotion of Micro-Livestock.

25) Neutral on Church and State Seperation clause in the Constitution. The Government can neither endorse nor refute the existence of God, or support one religion or another including atheism. It can however acknowledge (have references) that religions exist and that a largest majority of Americans believe in God and such influences are inherient in our culture, society, and government while also allowing for the rights of atheists and other people not to be pressed into conformity of religious observation by oaths or actions.

25a) However we believe in the re writing the Pledge of Allegiance: "We Pledge Allegiance to the People of The United States of America, and to the ideals of Freedom on which their Republic stands. One nation, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all."

26) Neutral on Immigration. Believe in Legal immigration with annual limit quota, but anti illegal immigration.

27) Create Anti Marijuana Laws That Allow For Medical Use & Heavilly Regulated Growing & Distribution.
27a) Allow Industrial Hemp Production & Use For Product Materials and Food Crops to resume in the USA.
27b) De criminalize the recreational use BUT Heavilly Fine Users as well as assign mandatory Drug Rehabilitation

28) Anti-Drug but focusing on Fines & Rehabilitation a rather than long Incarceration

29) Anti Pollution

30) Anti Tobacco (except regarding artificial blood)

31) Anti Slavery

32) Anti PATRIOT Act.

33) Anti Presidential Executive Orders, pro constitutional amendment to eliminate such implied powers

34) Anti Terrorism by use of Law Enforcement

35) Anti Whaling, including "Scientific Harvesting", domestically and internationally.

36) Anti Death Penalty domestically and internationally.

37) Anti Excessive Police Violence:

37a) Banning the use, testing, and holding of Lethal firearms, and edged weapons by the justice system and law enforcement, domestically and internationally.

37b) Enhancing Less Than Lethal Weapons capabilities
37c) Restricting & Regulating when Less Than Lethal weapons maybe used

37c) Retraining & Extensive Training emphasizing Law Enforcement to be PEACE OFFICERS not Police. And that they guard Constitional Freedoms of the Public & Constitutional Law recognizing that US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and it supersedes all federal, state, and local laws. Thusly while they can protect people from violence they may not violently crack down of protests for littering or stepping off the sidewalk, blocking, etc. They may however issue individual citations for offenses.

38) Anti extension of Presidential terms. A President may only have 2 terms.

39) Anti extension of Presidential qualifications to non native USA born citizens. Pro Constitutional.

40) Anti Gun Violence

40a) Ban new ammunition sales to US public, sell only the military. This creates a scarcity forcing both Crimianls and the Public to conserve & protect ammunition for extreme situations only. Thusly reducing Gun Violence

40b) Repeal the Second Amendment & replace it with a more comprehensive amendment if 40a does not pass supreme court.

41) Anti-De Regulation. Pro Revised Regulations. Blanket De Regulation will only lead to disaster current regulationas ( and future regulations) should be revised to reflect the true dangers and true benefits of particualr actions they regulations should be extensively well thought out and not willy nilly political footballs.

42) Anti Private banks. The Banks should be broken up into National/Federal, State, Postal, and Co-Op Credit Unions.

October 20, 2012
7:37 pm
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April 9, 2009
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I would say some I could agree with, but u went a lil too far leftie for my taste in a few areas.

I do however give you credit for putting one together... :clap:


If it were raining hookers, I'd get hit by a fag.

October 21, 2012
2:42 pm
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April 9, 2009
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I'm about as far left and anti-authoritarian as anyone can get and still be believe in having a government. ๐Ÿ™‚

But please pick a few parts you don't like and let me know which ones (the numbers help). I realize the ammunition issue will probably be the most vexing for most people, yet I don't see many ways to blance 2nd Amendment rights with reducing gun related violence. The common arguments that guns don't kill people people kill people doesn't reduce the problem of guns make it easier to kill people. Thusly while my opinion on this may change, I currently hold the belief that creating an ammunition scarcity will affect the criminal elements of society greatly. The would have to produce and smuggle ammunition which then could be tracked and prosecuted in the law. I know that may be as big a failure as the Drug War but law enforcement against violent crimes has generally been a placebo. Just like the Drug War is failing because the government fails to curb demand for the product its failing to curb the causes of violence while alleviating safety concerns sometimes fears of citizens of being victims of it. Many of the points in this platform help address those social stresses that lead to violence thusly there should be a reduction with their implementation, BUT it will never stop violence entirely. We will never be able to successfully address the violence associated with sexual relations, this tends to be problematic in most cultures, jealously et cetera vs possesiveness and control issues. But by reducing a factor by making it more expensive we make the violence harder to commit.

And I know I did not slip in the Gold Standard, I'm glad I didn't. Gold is subject to inflation just like everything else. But we often forget that although it is a finite amount our supply of it is continously added to in the market. Gold minining has never stopped so its value is largely fixed by PRIVATE corporations and banks controlled by the Aristocracy. The problem here is this being one of the most valuable commodity resources on the planet does not mean fair pay for miners of it. On the contrary the current precious metals miners strikes in South Africa demonstrate the greed of the Aristocracy. These miners are making the equivelent of half the US Minimum wage (its like waiting tables with no tips) and working in hazardous conditions hundreds of feet down where it is actually hotter than the surface, why so the Aristocracy can profit not just by gold price but by reducing labor costs to a point where the employees have no escape. So the Gold Standard is actually useless and contributes as much to human suffering as blood diamonds do.

BTW I'd be happy to read other peoples platforms too. ๐Ÿ™‚

October 26, 2012
1:49 am
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April 9, 2009
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Slightly off topic but I suddenly realized today that whining about taxes is STUPID, and that the reason it is so unitelligent is because the BULK of US Citizens failed to play the game right when they entered the work force at around eighteen years old. I certainly didn't plan thats my fault, and most of you probably didn't either. The US National Debt is not really a debt any more than a company stock holder is a creditor, that money is how much US Citiizens, Foreignors, Corporations, and yes even Nations have INVESTED in the continuance & Prosperity of the USA. They do so because the pay out is lucrative. And so should any of you whining about Taxes. Here's How: If you don't like your income taxes there is a way to get around it and pay 0 infact get money back as well. Calculate how much you're going to be taxed in your life time and the buy the appropriate number of US Treasury Bonds at the correct interest maturity rate, do it EARLY in life start buyingas soon as you enter the work force. You still have the red tape of tax filing but when all the paperwork is done and you get your bonds back you haven't paid anything and the Government owes you. Thusly you invest in your government or as some like to put it "own part of the USA's National Debt." like China does. QUIT YOUR GRIPING ABOUT OVERBURDENSOME TAXES, Its our own fault for not playing the game to our advantage.

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