(Analysis): United Nations Agenda 21 (De-population) Is Being Expedited Through Geo-Engineering: All of Humanity is Dying of Systemic Toxemia. | World Politics | Forum

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(Analysis): United Nations Agenda 21 (De-population) Is Being Expedited Through Geo-Engineering: All of Humanity is Dying of Systemic Toxemia.
May 16, 2019
12:03 pm
Richard Daystrom PhD
Livermore, CA.
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December 19, 2018
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United Nations Agenda 21 (De-population) Is Being Expedited Through Geo-Engineering: All of Humanity is Dying of Systemic Toxemia.


By W. O. Belfield, Jr.
Optidose Orthomolecular Nutritional Advocate


“The failure to adapt is usually because changes in the environment occur too quickly.  (As humans we still have the nutritional physiology of the past 50,000 years, but there has been a remarkable change in the nature of our food in the last 100 years.) This ‘maladaptation’ is the source of most of the major chronic illnesses current today.”

                                                                                                  -Abram Hoffer PhD, M.D-


   There is a global consensus among all peoples that pollution is a very serious problem on Earth. The air is polluted, the water is polluted, the soil is lacking in so many nutrients that crops no longer have the nutritional value that it once had. The following is a quote from Richard O. Brennan, former Chairman of the board of trustees, the International Academy of Preventative Medicine “Most of the food in America today will support life but it will not sustain health.”

    The health of the world's oceans is inextricably linked to human health and well-being. Human beings are now waging a war against life itself. As we continue to destroy not just individual lives, local populations and entire species in vast numbers but also the ecological systems that make life on earth possible. By doing this we humans are now accelerating the sixth mass extinction event in earth’s history and virtually eliminating any prospect of human survival.

    In a published scientific study ‘Biological annihilation via the ongoing sixth mass extinction signaled by vertebrate population losses and declines’ the authors Gerardo Ceballos, Paul R. Ehrlich and Rodolfo Dirzo document the accelerating nature of this problem. “Earth’s sixth mass extinction is more severe than perceived when looking exclusively at species extinctions. Their research found that the rate of population loss in terrestrial vertebrates is “extremely high” – even in “species of low concern”.

   It has been known for quite some time that Geo-engineering has been a major catalyst in the deterioration of the ozone layer. If humans remain on their current course of anthropogenic activities, they may completely destroy the ozone layer within the next decade or less. Without the ozone layer, all terrestrial life on Earth and most aquatic life will perish.

    So far very little is being said about how the current extinction process is affecting the human species. The air that human’s breath is a cocktail of pollutants. Geo-engineered aerosols are exacerbating an already dire situation. It is the straw that stirs the drink. If Geo-engineering were to be discontinued this would not stop the extinction process but it would slow it down.

   Chemtrails are Geo-engineered aerosols that are loaded with toxic chemicals, including but not limited to: barium, strontium 90, aluminum, cadmium, zinc, viruses and “chaff.” Chaff looks like snow but it’s actually Mylar fibers (like in fiberglass) coated with aluminum, desiccated blood cells, plastic, and paper. Polymer chemist Dr. R. Michael Castle has studied atmospheric polymers for years, and he has identified microscopic polymers comprised of genetically engineered fungal forms mutated with viruses, which are now part of the air we breathe.

   Stratospheric aerosol injections (SAI) are being dispersed between 10 kilometers (6 miles) above the Earth, or at an altitude of about 33,000 feet. The stratosphere is closer at the polar latitudes, with the lower limit being about 8 kilometers (5 miles). Of all the different types of aerosols that are being dispersed, the one of primary concern is aluminum. Because of its chemical activity, aluminum never occurs in the metallic form in nature.

   It is well known that aluminum is an adjuvant placed into vaccines to stimulate an immune response. Aluminum in vaccines has been implicated in the increase of autism. This chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13 has been associated as the primary causal factor in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders. Artificial kidney dialysis has been known to produce dialysis dementia, a state of confusion and disorientation caused by an excess of aluminum in the blood stream. Animals injected with aluminum compounds will develop nervous system disorders.

    The Medical Industrial Complex as a rule lacks knowledge or information concerning current events and developments when it comes to the causation of diseases. It stands to reason that they have no clue at all as to how breathing in aluminum aerosols is affecting the human body. If they knew of the deleterious effects one would think aluminum aerosols would be declared a public health hazard.

    When stratospheric aerosol injections are being carried out, general practioners have reported increases in Alzheimer’s cases which is attributable to aluminum aerosols. What they have failed to observe is that since aluminum is an adjuvant in vaccines why can’t it act as an adjuvant when inhaled with other antigens especially tree pollens.

    "Dioecious" and "monoecious" are terms that refer to plant reproduction. They are adjectives used in horticultural descriptions. Dioecious describes a plant group that includes distinct male and female plants. Monoecious describes a single plant that bears both male and female flowers.

    Here in lies the dirty little secret that the AMA, CDC, EPA and FDA do not want anybody to know about. Throughout the United States as residential areas were being developed trees were being planted. Normally this is not a bad thing but what has occurred is that same sex trees were being planted.

    Where the problem arises is when "Dioecious" trees were planted. This particular species of trees bears male and female flowers on separate plants. Dioecious trees include ash, boxelder, cedar, cottonwood, juniper, mulberry, and yew. From an allergy perspective Dioecious are the worst trees you can live around. The Dioecious males will bear only pollen and no fruit or seed. Environmentally the best trees are Dioecious females as they bear no pollen and are allergen-free.

    The typical real-estate developer does not recognize whether a tree is male or female. To them a tree is a tree. What has happened is that many trees that have been planted in residential areas are male Dioecious trees. These male trees are pollen generators. As a result, a gender imbalance has been created in these communities. There are more male trees in residential areas than female trees. The opposite has happened, now there is more tree pollen in suburban residential areas than in rural areas. Just by itself the planting of mostly male Dioecious trees has created an environmental disaster.

    The original purpose of Geo-engineering was to cool down the planet through solar dimming. Instead the planet is warming up. For example, the release of methane from the permafrost acts as a dome over the planet to prevent heat from escaping into space. This increase in global temperature is enhancing the production of tree pollen's. Irregardless of the amount of rain allergies have been on the rise.

    Once the stratospheric aerosols are injected into the air it takes about 18 hours for the aerosols to reach ground level. As aluminum is slowly descending it is mixing with the tree pollen's along with other air pollutants. Once they are inhaled, they begin to create a wide range of immunologic responses the main one being what is commonly called “seasonal allergies.”

   Allergic reactions can range from minor problems to life-threatening. Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the US with an annual cost in excess of $18 billion. More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. 30% of adults in the US and 40% of children in the US have allergies. Worldwide, the rise in prevalence of allergic diseases has continued in the industrialized world for more than 50 years. This perfectly coincides with the 70 plus years that geo-engineering has been in existence.

   The medical establishment has not seriously considered that allergies whether acute or chronic in conjunction with nutritional deficiencies could be a major underlying cause of many diseases. It has been observed by physicians that some forms of brain seizures are caused by allergic reactions. The diagnosis of a Cerebral allergy is sometimes referred to as “fringe medicine”. Usually in the diagnosis of a cerebral allergy caffeine is the suspected antigen which targets vulnerable brain tissue and alters brain function. In this particular case the cerebral allergy can cause symptoms of mental illness. Other instances allergies have been implicated in eliciting gastro-intestinal problems. This is just a few examples to suggest that allergies can be an underlying cause of diseases.

  Seasonal allergies and year-round allergies not only cause upper respiratory problems such as asthma, sneezing, stuffy nose and runny and itchy eyes but also somatic cellulitis. Chronic somatic cellulitis caused by allergies should be considered as an underlying cause for some cancers. Conventional medicine has a difficult time wrapping its mind around the fact that allergies can be a source of systemic inflammation. The medical establishment believes allergies can be easily managed by allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots) and pharmaceutical antihistamines.

    Everybody has to breath. Breathing the outside air cannot be avoided. As a result, all of humanity is being affected by the Geo-engineering aerosols that are being dispersed worldwide. It is very disturbing to think that with every breath we take we are increasing our chances of dying from systemic toxemia because of Geo-engineering.

    Humanity is being exterminated in three phases. Pharmaceutical induced systemic toxemia, environmental systemic toxemia and pharmaceutical/environmental induced systemic toxemia. Environmental induced systemic toxemia is being accelerated by the geo-engineering aerosols with the major cause of the problem being the aluminum aerosols.

    It has been known for some time that Alzheimer’s disease can be treated with metal bonding (chelating) agents, such as desferrioxamine, which removes aluminum from the bloodstream. Optimal doses of vitamin C is also an effective chelating agent. There should be a worldwide mandate to immediately establish the “Klenner Protocol” named after physician extraordinaire Frederick Robert Klenner. Dr. Klenner was well known for using intravenous injections of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to cure a whole range of illnesses.

    Since ascorbic acid is an effective chelating agent for aluminum an emergency effort of the highest order should be made to make this therapy accessible to every man, woman and child on this planet. Since ascorbic acid is relatively inexpensive in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs this therapy should have a minimal fee or better, yet it should be free to the general public. A side effect of the “Klenner Protocol” would be a much healthier population.

     Such a plan should not be promoted as a panacea, but as a means to ameliorate the damage being done by the Geo-engineering aerosols or stratospheric aerosol injections. Given the current reality, the “Klenner Protocol” has at best a “snowballs chance in hell” of ever being implemented because of the global influence that Big Pharma exerts over the mainstream media. Still an effort must be made. There is no money in this for Big Pharma. If Big Pharma stonewalls such an effort all that can be said is adiós para siempre or goodbye forever!

W. O. Belfield, Jr.

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