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The UFO community as a whole
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April 9, 2009
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August 13, 2009 - 12:04 am
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As many of you know, I started a non-profit, with the help of MrTopSecret and Tatara and many of you out there. If you are not fimilar with the project go to and read about it. As you will see there i am in need of a webmaster for the site. We have been in operation for a while now. I am getting nowhere on this and need your help. I have spoken with many of our suppose'd "UFO experts" from James Fox to David Sereda. David Sereda even said Dan Akroyd loved the project. All said they would "Help out" but when i ask for some help everyone doesnt seem to have time. Well, i need help, NOW. First i need a webmaster to manage my website and i need contact with a "Well Known". Like a celebrity like, James Cromwell or someone who would be a spokesman for the project. It seems impossible to make contact with folks like this , i have tryed and i get nowhere. I haven't talked to none.

I need help....

With no funds, I am going down hill fast here. I am going to try Sereda and Fox one more time for help and no more. What i have noticed is the UFO community is not united for the main goal of finding the truth. Everyone fights and puts down the other. The UFO community needs a leader, some say Stanton Friedman is the one, but then someone else says he is a charlaton.

It is time for a leader and something needs to be done soon. we are losing by this figthting and I will take this project somewhere else. Like a foreign Government or something. I am so sick of the fighting and the promiss's of help. Am i wrong in thinking this way? If we don't get a leader, we will never get anywhere. The good ole' governments of the world are laughing at us all. They love this stuff, they win.

To John Greenwald,
John, you are a "well known" in this field and you know many of these folks. Why can't we have a leader for our cause? We need this in the worst way NOW. I am throwing my hat in the ring. No one that we are fimiliar with can ever be that leader. Not everyone would trust that person. I am not that well known but i do have our main goal at heart. I could lead us with the project behind me to find out the truth once and for all. Demanding that the government "disclose" it self in this matter will NEVER happen. They Can't. And wont. They would lose creidiblity and would never be trusted again. They would alow us as a shole to ban together and make this discovery our self's. Everyone wins then. As long as we ban together. But we have to have a leader to accomplish this.

It's time to ponder this and decide where we go from here. Same old bickering or ban together and gain some respect world wide from governments and people alike. It's are only way and it's up to YOU

David "earthman" Shock

August 13, 2009 - 12:58 am
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Hello Dave. So your quest to raise 200 million dollars to place a satellite in orbit to photograph ufo's aint going too well it seems....... hmmmmm, i wonder why? 🙄

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April 9, 2009
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August 13, 2009 - 10:49 am
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Uh...this idea doesn´t sound or look unique compared to what NASA etc etc has right now...
What makes you thi9nk you will be able to take pictures of UFO:s? 😕

Truth doesn´t control you, you control it...

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April 9, 2009
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September 13, 2009 - 11:49 pm
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Wow, earthman, that is the most interesting post since the opening of the new BV. Disregard the posters here not taking you seriously. Someone seeking the truth... Wow, I've been skeptical of that for some time. I don't think the "ufo crowd" (however its defined) is after the truth, generally speaking. The ufo crowd is a mixed bag of groups and individuals, each with their own agenda. "UFOs" is a cottage industry. One of the problems is that the bag is mixed. You have people who obviously have no interest in the truth grouped together with those who really are looking for the truth. There are believers and non-believers on both sides.

Several people here have suggested in the past that we need to separate this bag. Those who want the Disneyland version of the truth and those who want the actual truth and those who do not care about the truth. The UFO Biz crowd is always worried that the mystery from which they derive income will somehow be solved and they will lose out. This is of course impossible. UFOs will be around long after everybody here is dead and buried. Trust me. The UFO topic is not going away any time soon. And the UFO Biz crowd needs the other side. So the separation is not likely.

Like many arenas of society, Ufology has become a popularity contest, hence your need to connect with known people. Its about cred, unfortunately. You need your own Paris Hilton. I wish you luck.

After saying all that... I don't wish to discourage you. Your right, we need a leader. But who would that leader be leading and in what direction would he go? Its been my experience that as soon as the conversation of UFOs starts to go in a direction that is threatening to people for whatever reason, their search for truth ends. I have always been a seeker of the truth. If a story leads towards UFOs then so be it. If it does not then I accept that equally. For example, I proposed an answer to the cattle mutilation mystery, but the UFO crowd did not like my rational answer. My theory had nothing to do with aliens. But it did make perfect sense (and I believe it is correct).

You might get some support for targeting government secrecy, that has been a traditional route, but I doubt you will get very far. Having looked at a good number of John's FOIA requests (and denials) you see what you're dealing with when it comes to GOV. The GOV is not going to tell us the truth. Not saying that you shouldn't keep asking them.

On Topic:
It may sound condescending but if aliens are advanced then their agenda is advanced and humans trying to wrap their brain around it might be a lost cause. If they were trying to kill us, we'd already be dead. If they were going to invade, they would have already done it. The human population isn't getting any smaller. If, however, they have the same fears we have about other species then their agenda may make perfect sense from their point of view. And that would be mitigation, passification, neutralization. And there are ways to do that. It just requires sophistication. And this is usually where the human mind, and emotional maturity, falls short of the mark.


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