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Some Possible UFO Explanations
July 18, 2019
12:34 am
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July 18, 2019
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Discussed here are some aspects of UFO's which provide a simple explanation of most sightings. Of course, not everything is explained and may or may not be possible, but, deserves a quick look.

I. Glowing Spheres

During WW2, there were well documented sightings of what the American and the British pilots called Foo Fighters ( Fire Fighters ). These were orange spheres which “ flew “ around the airplanes, mainly, the bombers, which airplanes were organised in a formation of many. Many pilots reported “ intelligent “ control, yet, not very intelligent as the spheres flew among them in a, what seemed to be, random fashion, yet, still around them and, because the spheres maintained their course among the formation, they were said to have “ intelligent control “. However, for the period, most anything would seem intelligent.

Documents and documentaries are available on the topic, which show these spheres to look like ionised air. I realised these spheres may be ionised air, but, I could not quite explain the “ not so but still somewhat intelligent control “.

Until I read an article by an American pilot who continued investigate the phenomenon well after the war. Loosely quoted, this is what this investigator said :

1. This was a German incredibly secret weapon, which, even the Germans did not know of. Probably only a few.

2. These spheres were ionised air which was kept in shape by the electromagnetic and electrostatic forces among the ions.

3. For the same reasons, these spheres were attracted to metal and hence the “ intelligent “ control to stay with the formation.

I can add to this :

4. Although they were attracted by, probably, ferrous metal ( most likely the iron in the iron carbon alloy, a. k. a. steel ), they did not seem to have touched the metal to which they were attracted. This may be explained with a counter field which appeared in proximity with the magnetic iron. Counter fields are available in physics and electronics. Along with this, the air blown by the propellers may be a simpler, more mechanical ( of fluids ) explanation.

The reasons for the Germans to deploy such a weapon are :

1. May blow up the engines of the aircraft when sucked into the carburettor by the propellers whenever this happens, randomly and contrary to the explained effects in point 4.

2. The main reason, however, is to provide an orange light which is visible during night ( against the British ) and during light ( against the Americans ). The only point where these orange spheres may not be well seen from the ground is when they are aligned with the sun, in which case, however, the silhouettes of the airplanes may be well seen even without the orange spheres. Thus, this light would provide a target for the flak. Knowing the approximate size, the altitude can be measured too, yet, the weapon was so secret, the flak did not even know of the availability of such. And they did not need to know : The weapon creators thought the flack officers and soldiers would think the orange spot came from the aircraft themselves and would still shoot in the direction. And they knew the size of the aircraft for altitude measurements.

Air ionisation was also proposed by Tesla who made similar claims to have designed a device which shoots ionised air and bounces this off of the upper atmosphere, which, as many Tesla's claims were NOT true. But the Germans made this work, somehow.

After WW2, most likely, many governments developed the same technology, mainly, US and USSR and, hence, there have been so many cases in the US controlled countries ( Western Europe and North America ) and in The USSR.

This explains many of the cases, but, probably, not all.

Many cases are explained with simple as well as sophisticated lies, produced mainly, but, not only, by the US government and their supporters, such as military personal, who have decided to lie independently to cover US weapon developments, real and possible in the future, I. e. to provide disinformation to the simple people.

II. Strange Aircraft

During WW2, the Hortons made a stealth airplane with an electromagnetic wave scattering shape and a shape of a wing ( without a rudder ). The airplane was made of plywood and had jet engines. They made only two of this very secret aircraft which were to, probably, be used to carry nuclear bombs ( under development during the period ) to the UK and, with some modifications, to the US too. ( The Germans had 3 other engine with internal combustion and propeller driven airplanes which were tested to go from Germany to New York and back without refuelling and they did. They may have carried bombs or weight, but, they did not attack New York for political reasons to keep US untouched in case the Germans loose the war. )

After the war, many countries made such aircraft with an improved, boomerang shape but not very good control. The US made these and Kenneth Arnold saw them. They looked like they jumped through the air up and down because of the difficult, dynamic stability control without a rudder. They were, probably, flown in ringing ( hesitation ) way, like a sine curve, because a better control was difficult.

The US and many other countries have similar airplane now, of course, built of metal, but, with the same shape and also covered by an advanced, electromagnetic wave absorbing paint and materials.

The US as well as many other countries, do probably, have a huge triangular airplane or airplane carrier airship of the same sort.

The US, as well as many other countries, do have triangular airplanes with alternative propulsions, such as Aurora.

III. Propulsion

Again, during WW2, the Germans looked into alternative propulsion which they badly needed.

1. Strong electromagnetic ( and electrostatic fields ) were, probably, generated by spinning mercury.

2. Ionised air, discharged at high rates too.

3. Huge rate and speed release of charged particles from nuclear reaction of semi stable elements with short period of decay, such as elements with very high nuclear weight, were, probably, researched too. Germany may or may not have had a nuclear bomb ( some sources claim they have had a miniature nuclear bomb similar to the US nuclear artillery shells of the 50's, probably, also designed by Germans or copied therefrom ). For sure, however, the Germans had radioactive material ( probably, Uranium isotope based ), which was to be thrown over the Western front to disorient the enemy soldiers or to make them sick. This was decided against, probably, because this may have been considered a chemical weapon back then and such were disallowed by the Geneva convention to which the Germans adhered strictly. Hence, a discussion is need as to whether a nuclear weapon does have a chemical effect over the people in the affected areas. In case of so, the US have committed a crime against humanity as defined by the Geneva convention, fully signed by the US.

Thus, most countries, such as US and The USSR, may have developed such propulsion systems ( fast discharge of particles, ionisation and electromagnetic and static waves ) which still look like UFO's, quiet and fast, just lights.

IV. Flying Saucers

Circular underwing is the best wing and is also very convenient for positioning of machine guns and cannons, under and over the symmetrical circular wing, i. e. flying saucer Most likely, the Germans made these and the US and USSR too, but, after the war with the Germans able to make them during the war. Similar to the Hortons' airplane, they were top secret and were, probably, to be used for nuclear bombs.

The Germans have had some ideas to develop such flying saucers, called Haunebu, of which, there is plenty of information online. They may have developed a few of these in secrecy. Some claim such were hidden in the German area of Antarctica called New Swabia ( Neuschwabenland ).

These answer many sightings too and may have been powered by alternative propulsion systems or by powerful jet engines ( hidden and, somewhat, muffled ).

V. Lighter Than Air

Some aircraft may be filled with unknown gasses and materials which are much lighter than air and, thus, allow lower speeds at quiet run and hovering.

July 19, 2019
5:54 pm
Matt Perkey
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July 19, 2019
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Is there any proof of this German program? Or is this all in theory..

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