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Roswell Incident Part 5
January 9, 2013
8:16 pm
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December 6, 2012
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Liar, Liar, Your Truth is on Fire

Roswell Oxymoron: An Honest Ufologist

When it comes to the Roswell Incident, ever notice how ufologists who sell related books and DVD’s insist they only tell ‘the truth’? It’s never a case of them being ‘fairly certain’ or ‘pretty damn sure’. They claim they absolutely speak the truth, and yet ironically, they lie.

Take Jesse Marcel Sr. for instance. Although he passed away in 1986, the former intelligence major from Roswell Army Air Field who supposedly recovered a flying saucer in 1947 started telling ‘the truth’ about himself sometime during 1978.

Marcel apparently made many spectacular claims.
• He earned a physics degree from George Washington University
• He also attended LSU, NYU, and OSU
• He shot down 5 enemy airplanes
• He was an aid to General Hap Arnold
• Hap Arnold decided Marcel should go to intelligence school
• He was awarded 5 air medals
• A pilot since 1928, he logged over 3,000 hours flying time
• He wrote the report Truman read ‘on air’ confirming Russia’s 1st atomic detonation

Unfortunately for hapless boob Marcel, researcher Robert Todd acquired Marcel’s military records and, except for 2 air medals, proved his claims were lies. Predictably, people wondered—if Jesse Marcel Sr. would embellish his education and military record, did he bend ‘the truth’ about his flying saucer?

Still, ufologists tell us Marcel was an illustrious military officer. However, according to researcher Bruce Hutchison, Roswell’s base commander Colonel Blanchard ranked Jesse Marcel Sr. last or second-to-last compared to other officers in 509th.

Marcel Opened the Floodgates

When they realized the money they could make from a great hoax, other Roswell ufologists started concocting their own versions of ‘the truth’. Gerry Anderson’s ‘truth’ involved forging documents and a diary, and creating his phony ‘archaeologist’. Jim Ragsdale changed the location of his official flying saucer crash site at least once. Barney Barnett’s wife proved he was nowhere near the Plains of San Agustin during the second week of July 1947.

Glenn Dennis (one of the biggest Roswell B.S.ers) couldn’t remember the name of a mysterious nurse who told him ‘the truth’ about dead aliens at Roswell Army Air Field. In fact, his memory was so bad, he didn’t remember anything about the dead aliens or his nurse friend until Jesse Marcel Sr. got his ‘truth’ published in a 1978 edition of everyone’s favorite you-can-take-that-to-the-bank publication, the National Inquirer. What luck for ol’ Glenny—somehow the thought of fame and fortune jogged his memory.

NOTE: The fact Dennis co-owned a UFO museum is a conflict of interest—his Roswell claims are tainted.

Stan ‘the Buffoon’ Friedman’s truth included a forged MJ-12 document. Don ‘the Dope’ Schmitt kinda sorta omitted the truth about his credentialsto his now ex-partner Kevin Randle.

Speaking of 2 of the most negligent Roswell researchers (and it’s no small trick to rise above other ufologists when it comes to negligence), Randle and Schmitt’s superstar witness Frank Kaufmann turned out to be a lot less than truthful. I wonder if Randle and Schmitt (neither of whom probably know how to spell the word ‘truth’) expect us to think they learned from their mistakes. I wonder if they now verify everything before reporting it. I wonder if we can trust them.
NOTE: Kaufmann’s fraudulent ‘truth’ resulted in a profitable book, but I doubt authors Randle and Schmitt gave refunds.

Not to be outdone by any of these other ufologists, Marcel started telling bigger ‘truths’ about his close encounter. He described the sticks from a demolished radar wind (rawin) target as wooden members from a sophisticated flying saucer. But wouldn’t you know it—skeptics (those darned noisy negativists) scoffed. They asked ridiculous questions like why wooden components would be present in, or part of, a sophisticated flying saucer.

Good thing his son Jesse Marcel Jr. set the record straight. Despite waking from a dead sleep at 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. to look at the load of crap his father brought home for all of 15 or 20 minutes in 1947, Jesse Jr. says the sticks were actually metallic I-beams. He remains the only first-hand witness who claimed to know ‘the truth’ about those beams.

Jesse Marcel Sr. also said the alien spacecraft must have exploded in midair because he walked the area in broad daylight and observed no sign of impact on the ground. However, we know the saucer made a gigantic gouge when it crashed because the all-knowing ufologists (although they weren’t there at the time and can’t even agree where the saucer crashed) claim they interviewed a guy who died 20 years ago but signed an affidavit stating he’d overheard an MP saying he and his friend were getting bombed at the officers mess when the friend or a drunk at another table mentioned something about a slight turf rupture at some ranch where there might have been a few sheep.

And Marcel never mentioned any high security effort to recover what he left behind at the sheep ranch, nor did he mention the airplane loads of flying saucer debris flown out of Roswell. However, we know what really happened because our esteemed ufologists have told us conflicting stories about what a big deal the saucer was that day. Or was it several saucers over several days?

Marcel must have also forgotten about all the dead (or maybe alive) aliens he found at the crash site (or maybe observed at the base during the autopsies). Again, thank heaven the ufologists corrected that oversight.

‘Truth’ Will Set You Free – Especially if it’s Profitable

And it doesn’t matter than none of these ufologists even heard of Roswell until 1978, 31 years later. All that matters is they’re setting us straight on ‘the truth’.

As a side note, Jesse Marcel Sr. was telling ‘the truth’ when he disclosed the results of the sledgehammer test—that the metal debris from his crashed saucer couldn’t be dented by a 16 pound sledgehammer. Of course he didn’t witness the test or say who performed the test or even explain why it proved he recovered a flying saucer. Nevertheless, I’m certain our honest friends the ufologists can dream up a suitable ‘truth’.
Source: UFOs Are Real (1979) Full Documentary, 37:00 minute mark on YouTube

In fact, they straightened out Jesse Marcel Sr. on another little point. According to ufologists who make money from the Roswell Hoax, err, I mean the Roswell Incident, Marcel Sr. did not tell the truth about the flying saucer debris at Ramey’s press conference. Marcel said the junk Ramey called ‘weather balloon debris’ and displayed at his press conference in Texas on July 8, was the same debris he (Marcel) retrieved a day earlier from the sheep ranch.

"The newsmen saw very little of the real material, very small portion of it. And none of the really important things like these members that had these hieroglyphics on them. They (the newsmen) wanted me to tell them about it and I couldn't say anything. And when the General came in, he told me not to, to say anything—that he would handle it."
Partial transcription of Jesse Marcel Sr.’s video interview. Source: UFOs Are Real (1979) Full Documentary, 39:30 minute mark on YouTube

Yep! Jesse Marcel Sr. said it was the same stuff but luckily ufologists like Dennis Balthaser, Jesse Marcel Jr., Stan ‘the Buffoon’ Friedman, Don ‘the Dope’ Schmitt, Rich Dolan, and Kevin Randle, all say the debris was switched as part of the cover-up conspiracy.

Thank heaven all these upstanding ufologists are willing to share ‘their various truths’ because if the debris wasn’t switched, that would prove Jesse Marcel Sr. didn’t recover a flying saucer.

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