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Personal UFO Experience and The Allies of Humanity Briefings
May 13, 2020
8:27 am
Andrew Garrett
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May 4, 2020
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Hi, everyone. I want to share with you some of my experiences and a set of briefings that, I believe, explain what's going on better than I ever could. I've posted similarly in other forums so I hope you'll forgive me if I'm repeating myself some. I'm hoping for a better discussion here.

I've experienced multiple UFO sightings in addition to very unsettling encounters with E.T.s related to channeling. I saw my first UFO in the desert about 30 minutes from Sedona, AZ three years ago. I put out an intention to see an E.T. craft and within 15 minutes I saw giant blue, red, yellow, and purple streaks of what looked like plasma. They lasted only a second and were about ten seconds apart. It seemed benign at the time.

My second UFO sighting was in Lake Tahoe at the end of spring 2019. I saw bright blue neon orbs, perhaps 8, connected by thick straight lines, sometimes going off at angles. It appeared in the distance and drifted towards me in a strange gliding fashion that I couldn't ascribe to any known military craft. It could have been 100 feet tall. I felt rather disturbing feelings in my heart as though I were being probed or scanned by the craft. I ran inside to grab my roommate once it got close, and he took one look at it and more or less freaked out and went back inside. Whatever the blue orbs were flew away shortly afterwards. I asked him later what he saw without prefacing saying what I saw and he validated what I've already described to you. Unfortunately, I have no pictures. I wanted to keep my wits about me in the moment instead of trying to get out my phone.

Before this last UFO encounter but after the first, I publicly questioned the motives of a being that was supposedly from Sirius (doubtful) being telepathically channeled by a young man through a Zoom video broadcast about two years ago. Afterwards, I experienced severely disorienting psychic phenomenon. I was mentally seeing alien forms, planetary forms, bizarre shapes, and was influenced to think and feel a wide variety of things over a period of days and weeks. I didn't know who or what to trust after that regarding extraterrestrials.

It was only when I discovered what's called the Allies of Humanity Briefings online that I was able to make any real sense of what happened to me. I realized I was targeted by the mental confusion tactics of these E.T.s as hard as that may be to believe. I was catching onto their real agenda and they attempted to sweep me under the rug so to speak. It was very traumatic and I'm still bothered by them mentally sometimes even now as I share these messages with people. By telling you this I'm asking you to understand that there is a mental environment in which we can all be affected and the E.T.s here now are very skilled at this.

In a nutshell (leaving out many important details) there is an alien intervention occurring now mostly behind the scenes passing itself off as benevolent, even spiritually enlightened, and seeking to influence those in power in government, religion, and business to open up trade with them. It's similar to how the Europeans conquered the Native Americans but this time its with persuasion and deception (again, which they are very skilled at compared to us) and not force (they have no military power to speak of, the reason for this are described in what I'll share below).

The Allies of Humanity Briefings are, to me, sobering yet inspiring. I'd like to share with you a short twelve-point summary (~2 minute read) to start a discussion around what I now see as the very serious matter of alien intervention in our world. What experiences have you had and what research have you discovered that could be explained by the following Briefings? Do they ring true for you?

If you're curious I can go into more detail about my own experiences as well.


I'll also copy and paste the text of the summary here in full (just once) for easier reference. So that you're aware, this only a summary and does not contain many of the important details found in the four books making up the Briefings (they are all available completely free on the website):

1. Humanity’s destiny is to emerge into and to engage with a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. 

2. Contact with other forms of intelligent life represents the greatest threshold that humanity has ever faced. The results of this Contact will determine humanity’s future for generations to come. This Contact is happening now. 

3. Humanity is unprepared for Contact. Researchers are still unable to clearly see who is visiting our world and why. Governments are not revealing what they know, and most people are still in denial that this phenomenon is even occurring. 

4. Because of this lack of preparation, humanity’s true Allies sent representatives to a location near Earth to observe the extraterrestrial presence and activities within our world. The Allies of Humanity Briefings represent their report. 

5. The Briefings reveal that our world is undergoing an extraterrestrial Intervention by forces who, as demonstrated by their actions, are here to subvert human authority and to integrate into human societies for their own advantage. These forces represent non-military organizations who are here to seek human and biological resources. The Allies refer to these forces as the “Collectives.” The Collectives do not value human freedom. 

6. Because the Intervention is being carried out by small groups of intervening forces, it must rely primarily upon deception and persuasion to achieve its goals. The Allies Briefings describe in detail how this is being accomplished and what we must do to stop it. 

7. This extraterrestrial Intervention is being focused in four arenas:

  • It is influencing certain individuals in positions of power and authority in government, commerce and religion to cooperate with the Intervention through the promise of greater wealth, power and technology
  • It is creating hidden establishments in the world from which the Intervention can exert its influence in the mental environment, seeking to make people everywhere open and compliant to its will through a “Pacification Program”
  • It is manipulating our religious values and spiritual impulses in order to gain human allegiance to their cause
  • It is taking people against their will, and often without their awareness, to support an interbreeding program designed to create a hybrid race and a new leadership who would be bonded to the “visitors.” 

8. Those extraterrestrial visitors who have been potentially beneficial to humanity have all retreated from the world in the face of the Intervention. Those remaining are alien races who are not here for our benefit. This leaves us in an unambiguous situation regarding the intentions and activities of the extraterrestrial presence. This enables us to clearly see what we are dealing with. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to tell friend from foe. 

9. The Allies Briefings emphasize the grave danger in our accepting and becoming reliant upon ET technology offered by the Intervention. This will only lead to our becoming dependent on the “visitors,” resulting in our loss of freedom and self-sufficiency. No true ally of humanity would offer this to us. The Allies emphasize that we have earth-based solutions to all the problems that we face. What we lack as a race are unity, will and cooperation. 

10. In spite of the great challenge we now face, humanity still has a great advantage if we can respond in time. The Allies Briefings reveal both the Intervention’s strengths and its weaknesses. One of the Intervention’s weaknesses is its reliance upon human acquiescence and cooperation to achieve its goals. According to Greater Community rules of conduct within the region of space in which our world exists, Intervention is not allowed unless it can be demonstrated that the native people welcome and approve of it. Here our voices can have power in the Greater Community. At this moment, the Intervention has few critics. But if enough people can become aware of it and speak out against it, the Intervention will be thwarted and must withdraw. This is the first step in humanity’s preparation for dealing with the realities of life in the universe. This step and all the steps that follow give humanity its one great chance to overcome its longstanding conflicts and to unite in its own defense for the preservation of the world. The Allies emphasize that we as human beings have the spiritual and collective power to do this, and that we must do this if we want to survive and advance as a free and independent race in the universe. 

11. Preparation for our contact with the Greater Community begins with awareness, education, and Knowledge, our spiritual Mind. 

12. In facing the Greater Community, humanity must build unity, self-sufficiency and discretion. These are the three requirements that all free nations must establish to be free in the universe.

Thank you for reading. I'd be delighted to hear your constructive thoughts on the Briefings.

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