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Disclosure what this really entails
January 9, 2011
3:17 pm
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June 21, 2009
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The cosmos is teaming with extra-terrestrial life forms. To constantly say "Do you believe in UFO's" or to endlessly
recall stories of sightings and encounters is truly pointless. We must stop wasting time now. Once we accept the obvious
presence of "our neighbours" - we can then move immediately on to serious and exiting discussions of how this will effect
us all. (Contact/Disclosure will be the most important milestone in the entire history of the human race - NOTHING ELSE

Some of the questions I'd like answers to are listed below along with possible answers.

Q: Why have (Governments witheld disclosure) ?
A: The exotic science that some of the visitors will have is so advanced that its secrets, once revealed, may have a terminal impact
on the mindset of most Earth humans. Our belief structures would be shattered and mayhem (not panic) might result if all is
made known too soon. The phasing in of revelations of this magnitude represents a logistical nightmare for those in authority
and must be administered slowly (or forever concealed). Such truths that alien science might include could be:-
1) A full working knowledge of all biological systems that would enable each and everyone of us to be made young again and to stay
young without ageing or dying - forever. (Some people could not cope with this- I COULD!)
2) A complete understanding of space/time and Quantum realities could reveal that each of us has an infinate amount of doubles
that reside up and down the quantum ladder. Which one of the "Doubles" we choose to be, is simply the result of our expectations.
3)With multiple personality possibilities on the table and immortality also in the mix - if we add to this a multiversal quantum
crossover we may find oursleves reunited with our formerly dead loved ones.
4)It is likely that each of us is only a single cell of a greater mind and that whilst we imagine ourselves to be independant
individuals - this may be a choice made for us by the main core of the "BRAIN" so that he/she/it may "enjoy" the experience.
The list of possibilities goes on and on. At a less meta-physical level - alien contact could open up the entire Universe to
us. The idea of living forever and to have limitless resources and time to explore and enjoy infinity is surely everyones
ultimate goal.
Q: What might the aliens look like ?.....
A: Extra-terrestrials will take many forms. Some will have biological bodies like us and be made up of tubes , fluids, chemicals etc.
Others will be machines that have become self-aware and seperated from those who designed them. Others still may comprise
of galaxies and inter-stellar dust where each massive component is but a single cell of an unimaginably large brain. Beyond this
there could be minds that exist not only beyond the confines of mass, but beyond the confines of energy as well.(i.e pure thought
or potential energy).
Q: What are the aliens motives ?
A: The motivations of aliens will be as multudinous as their numbers. Some will have good intentions, and some will have bad - others
will be indifferent.
Q: Are not the distances so great and the life spans of civilisation so short as to prevent any 2 races ever meeting each other.
A: Many races will achieve immortality and so will have forever to develope technologies capable of inter-galactical travel.
Light years of distance is already being exposed as a product of normal space-time. Science will reveal ways to shrink that space-time
allowing instantaneous travel to anywhere
Q: Why have aliens not landed on the White house lawn.
A: They have.
Q: Why are Flying saucer pictures and videos always such poor quality.
A: Many of the flying objects seen, employ power plants that sqeeze and stretch space-time to move from A to B. This system
puts them in and out of phase with the progression of time as perceived by the camera/ human eye. An example of this is when
a craft is seen to perform a 90 degree turn at 2000 miles per hour - the reality is that for the crew and their ship, time is crawling
along at a snails pace. Another explaination of this manouvre could be that the craft is travelling along a staight road but the onboard
science is bending the road ahead into what appears to the observer to be a zig-zag path.

There are many other questions of course but let's start discussing them now. If I hear the childish phrase "Do you believe in UFO's "
just one more time I think my brain will self destruct. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh !!!

January 10, 2011
1:45 am
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December 20, 2010
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I think that disclosure is a long way away. We could not even begin to understand the complex physics associated with any sort of quantum mechanical machine...simply put the alien technology would seem like hocus pocus to us.

i can illustrate this

take the double slit experiment

scientist have found that when they set up the experiment with the expectation of particles...they get particles; and when they set up the experiment with expectation of waves...they get waves. This leads us to the conclusion that the act of observing the experiment somehow alters the reality of the experiment (it's called collapse of the wave function) and we can not ever separate the observer from the experiment, so the intention of the observer affects reality. This is what we would call "witchcraft" or "magic". Both peter carroll and robert anton wilson have written exhaustive philosophical arguments on the existence of "chaos magic" because of this.

because of this logical impediment, humans have many eons of philosophical growth and evolution before any advanced lifeform would consider us more than lab rats. Much in the same way we consider dolphins, They are smart...but they just don't "get it" and neither do we.

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