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Could the first race of man, still be around, and using ufo's?
January 31, 2019
8:33 am
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February 2, 2018
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Through my personal investigation into my encounters, I have read many texts,books, and articles into this subject. What I have concluded, so far, is this.
I have come to believe that there has been a concentrated effort, to hide the truth, regarding our origin on this planet. There is a reason that Isis paid so much attention, to destroying and removing, the Sumerian artifacts.They are the only true
account of events surrounding the gods arrival here. How can I say this? They explain the missing time period, in human development, and maybe the ufo phenomenon as well, to some extent. As there may very well be extraterrestrials messing with us as well.( I am personally looking into explanations for my encounters.)These texts, which predate all known religions of today, were kept with factual information, currency values, population growth, star charts. These texts were considered factual to the Sumerian culture.

This is my very simple,condensed version of the Sumerian texts.

On a distant planet,there exists a race of beings that live longer than we do(immortals, not gods). The ruling family was having a conflict,over which son will rule next. One son given
birth right,born to the queen and present ruler. The other by age, as he was first born to the father, and oldest of the two.
This conflict raged, until the parents,in an attempt to get some peace and quiet, sent the fighting children on a mission to deep space(earth),to gather gold and other materials.
The younger son was given charge of this mission.Both brothers, accompanied by their respective armies, set out for earth.

Once they arrived here,
they began mining the materials themselves,but soon tired of the work involved,and a mutiny took place.(mutiny in heaven?) It was decided to fashion a worker to do it for them. Using their own dna, combined with that of the first hominids. They created the first race.
Things went very well for a while,civilization grew, pyramids were built and life for the slaves,living amongst the gods, was good.This was when the older brother got annoyed. To show his parents,
things weren't running as smoothly as they appeared,under his brothers command, he began to interfere, causing the slaves to war with each other.
This went on for some time until, finally, flaws in the brothers original design were revealed. The created slaves, all spoke the same language,and had long lives like the brothers. They were eventually able to settle their differences,
and put the pieces together. They figured out what the gods really were,and planned to destroy them. They built a tower to launch a ship into space, (arrow into heaven?)capable of taking the fight to the brothers.
However ,the plan of the slaves was discovered. It was decided, to flood the planet and start over.

The younger brother wasn't comfortable with this plan.So, before the flood, he saved some of those still loyal to the brothers, from death.
(As well, had dna samples from all life on earth taken,to start over with. Noah?)

After the flood, they start over, with the African american first, created by the younger brother. Of course, the older brother had to do better, he created the Asian race, and so on, until all races were made.Having learned from
their mistakes of the past, these new races would speak different languages, and have shorter lifespans.
Now,in order to prove who's creations were better, they were pit against each other in battle.
This went on, the brothers causing turmoil between the slaves. The battles escalated, the technology as well. Until, their interference caused the destruction of the Sumerian culture via nuclear war. (This is also
mirrored in the Mahabharata.)
After witnessing the destruction first hand, the younger brother bows out of the competition, becoming a teacher to mankind. (Thoth?)
The older brother,continues to mess
with mankind, to today.(god/satan?)


In the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Thoth mentions living amongst the rest of the Gods, with the first race of man. They were mighty, and had long lives"not the little men of today, that surround me".
I think that the first race of us were the 8 ft,elongated skull beings,that we find all over the world. They built the pyramids, understood how to use them,as well as any other tech,
that could have been salvaged after the flood. They would have been worshipped as gods and rulers. They are depicted in paintings and carvings all over the world. (As slaves as well, in older depictions, Cambodia) It isn't just coincidence, that all
the sarcophagus found, can fit much larger bodies than ours, and that all ancient structures seem to have been built by giants. (The immense stones used).

And there is the secret. The tale of the flood did not happen to us. It happened to them. It's their story, not ours.

In Egypt we see, that at one point, an elongated skull family (Akhanaten) ruled, and even instituted the one god rule . Overturning years of belief in multiple gods. Was this after the flood? I believe so.He and his family were defaced on walls and sculptures,after his rule. Was it because his true origin had been discovered? I believe this also.In my opinion, the bible is a mixture of their story, and ours, and all the prominent figures in the bible were of this race. Ever wonder why people lived so long ?

Was the first race, systematically wiped out wherever they went, by the older brother(via his slaves), for fear that the past would repeat itself? Egypt,the Mayan culture, Easter island,and many others that
worshipped these beings,just disappear from history.
I think that most of our wars,have been over lost technology, that is,or was, more advanced than our own.
Not alien,but not ours either. We are caught in the middle of a family squabble, and the meddling, of a past race.
Our governments are hiding what they find in pyramids(Smithsonian), or even the pyramids themselves(China)(and Canada in my opinion) why? Is it because the truth is, we were engineered, and man is not the pinnacle of creation on earth, he is a more controllable second attempt? All of our artifacts and ancient structures, point to a lost period in earths history, is it so hard to believe?

It was pointed out to me by another,that there could even be a line of those survivors today, hidden by the Vatican, ruling from behind the scenes. It makes all kinds of sense. Even the
craft that I encountered, had the symbol for god on it,and the only other person I can find, who described exactly the same craft I did,Jim Penniston, remembered Egyptian style hieroglyphics on his. Also, the binary message he received in 1986 ( at a time when our use of binary was in its infancy), to me, points to the fact that we are redeveloping their technology, not inventing our own.

Too much lines up, and only together can we figure it out. Our future, is hidden in their past. We need to act as one, united
under one goal, to figure out the truth.

My hope is for all the people of earth,to search out the truth, and once and for all, to be free.

This is only my interpretation of these texts. There are many translations, some biased, others not. I have read some of them ,with no bias intended, only truth. Without going into individual stories (which are numerous),and specific texts,this is just a very simple breakdown. I encourage anyone interested, to check into any translations you can find. As I said at the beginning, there is a reason that Isis spent so much time on those tablets and artifacts.

It's better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. H.S.

February 1, 2019
5:06 am
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February 2, 2018
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I thought I'd also note, that the Mahabharata may also give a clue as to how the flood was created. It states, that at one point in time, a fleet of city size craft surrounded the planet. If such a fleet were to submerge into the oceans, and stay submerged for a long period( 40 days and nights?) This could easily be done.

If this proves true, it may also explain sasquatch, yeti, bigfoot, whatever. As only some were saved by the younger brother, others would have survived on there own. With longer lifespans than us,they would have watched the rebirth of man, and kept to the wilderness to avoid us.

This theory would also explain the missing link in evolution. The reason we can't find one, may be because we took a quantum leap forward with them, then a double step back for us.

Just more that fits in my opinion.

It's better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. H.S.

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