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(Commentary):C.I.A Controlled Mainstream Media Has “Bamboozled” the American Public into Paying for Two Space Programs.
April 29, 2019
5:34 pm
Richard Daystrom PhD
Livermore, CA.
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December 19, 2018
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C.I.A Controlled Mainstream Media Has “Bamboozled” the American Public into Paying for Two Space Programs;Rocket Technology & Anti-Gravitic Propulsion Technology.

 Commentary by W.O. Belfield, Jr.


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

                                                                                                                -John Lennon-


    According to famed Ufologist Richard Dolan there are three types of reality. The first is Mass Reality, Academic Reality and Classified Reality.  This commentary will focus on Mass Reality and Classified Reality. Mass Reality is the common or daily reality of John Q. Public. Classified Reality is the stuff that dreams are made of that is kept from the public.

    For reasons that are not quite understandable the so-called high intellects of Ufology or for that matter the high intellects in general are reluctant to analyze the large dichotomy that exists between Mass Reality and Classified Reality. For well over 50 years the United States tax payer unknowingly has been burdened with paying for these two realities. Mass Reality and Classified Reality.

    In the 1950’s the C.I.A initiated Project Mockingbird. This project allowed the CIA to manipulate and control mainstream media. To this very day the controlling of mainstream media by the C.I.A has evolved into a higher level of sophistication. The C.I.A along with its corporate accomplices have made significant inroads in censoring content on the Internet.

    Among top financial experts such as Catherine Austin Fitts president of Solari, Inc. and a former Assistant Secretary of Housing — Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the administration of President George H. W. Bush. Professor Mark Skidmore Ph.D. Department of Economics of Michigan State University.

    They have discovered that anywhere from 21 trillion dollars and more is missing from Federal government coffers. “Missing $21 trillion means Federal Government is lawless” – Dr. Mark Skidmore. No one has to be reminded that this is a lot, a lot of money. According to financial guru Catherine Austin Fitts this missing money is enough to pay off every home owners mortgage in the United States.

    Catherine Austin Fitts believes that there is a preponderance of evidence to suggest that the trillions of missing dollars are being diverted to classified “Black Budget” programs. Ms. Fitts has asserted that “One cannot understand control in America without grappling the UFO phenomenon”.

    The Constitution of the United States gives congress the Power of the Purse. Congress also has extensive powers over financial and budgetary issues. Even though the United States Congress has been bestowed with financial and budgetary powers granted by the Constitution., “Black Budget” programs have no accountability at all to Congress. The C.I.A controlled mainstream media will not investigate these dark programs with a “ten-foot pole.”

    What is absolutely infuriating is that NASA convinced the public into believing that the moon missions in the 60’s and 70’s was using state of the art technology. Extensive investigative research done by Dr. Michael Salla and others have shown that scientists working for NAZI Germany had re-engineered extra-terrestrial space craft. Yes, this is true the Germans had flying saucers during WWII. There is further evidence to suggest that the NAZI’s had even established bases on the dark side of the moon.

    The Apollo program ended in 1975. Years later information was beginning to quietly leak out that many ex Naval intelligence officers who had access to top classified documents have been talking about the presence of unidentified and mysterious structures on the surface of the moon for over 50 years.

    The U.S. taxpayers “foot the bill” for the entire moon-shot program. This was at a time when there existed spacecraft (engineered by humans) that were much more advanced than what NASA had designed for the Apollo program. These advanced spacecrafts were already making regular visits to the moon well before the Apollo program. Not only were these re-engineered flying saucers making regular trips to the moon they had landing sites at permanent moon bases.

    NASA is currently conjuring up interest for a manned mission to Mars. Huge amounts of money are going towards the seemingly never-ending research of Rocket technology which in all practical purposes is obsolete technology. Why waste all this money on obsolete technology when there exists space craft that can take astronauts to and from Mars in a matter of hours or a few days. Remember the famous quote from Ben Rich of the Lockheed Skunk Works; “we can take ET home.”

    One can assume from Ben Rich’s quote that there now exists anti-gravitic propulsion technology that is light years ahead of rocket technology. Again, why is the U.S taxpayers “footing the bill” for obsolete technology when there already exists anti-gravitic propulsion technology?

    Just like on the dark side of the moon, there appears to be a growing preponderance of evidence to suggest that there are currently viable habitats on Mars. The question is whether they are alien or human structures or a combination of both on Mars.

    Elon Musk CEO of the company SpaceX is collaborating with NASA on the design of reusable rockets. Musk is heralded as an entrepreneur wunderkind by the mainstream press every time, he launches his SpaceX Falcon 1 rocket and the Dragon space craft. Is Elon Musk really a rocket wunderkind or a “nincompoop”?

    Some think he is a “nincompoop”.  Some believe that Musk is just re-inventing the wheel. Instead of perpetuating old technology, he should be using his vast resources to obtain the blue prints for existing propulsion systems that the United States Navy is using in their secret space fleet called “Solar Warden.”

     The C.I.A controlled mainstream press has the American public bamboozled into believing that Musk is spending private and public monies on advanced state of the art rocket technology.  High intellects that should know better. Instead they do not have the “intestinal fortitude” to challenge the propaganda (I would prefer to use the word “bullshit”) that is being disseminated throughout the general public.

    What is criminal is that the United States tax payer is paying for two space programs. The first being a public space program using obsolete technology and the other is a private or “dark” space program using advanced technology. Our congressional representatives are so far out in left field with regards to having any inkling whatsoever (the exception being former Senator Harry Reid from Nevada) as to what is happening with the gross misappropriation of tax dollars going towards these secret space programs. This level of incompetence is no longer amusing.

    If there existed a shortage of consumer electronics in the United States, in all practical purposes this country would be considered a third world country. It is very unfortunate that inexpensive consumer electronics diverts the public’s attention away from serious social and political issues.

    Healthcare in this country is mediocre at best. The food we eat is contaminated. Processed foods have very little nutritional value. The water we drink is contaminated. The air we breath is contaminated. Our public educational system is rotten to the core.

    Except for a small minority of people, The United States of America for most Americans has become a lousy country to live in. To those “Fortunate Sons” who might reply by saying then leave! The proper reply to such a comment is a famous quote made in 1871 a US senator Carl Schurz of Missouri “my country, right or wrong, if right, to be kept right, and if wrong, to be set right.”

    U.S foreign policy has ruined so many countries economically that people are migrating to any country that will provide them with a better standard of living. The 21 or more missing trillions of dollars if budgeted correctly could provide every man, woman and child a good quality of life in the United States.

    As mentioned earlier this missing money could potentially payoff everybody’s mortgage. This kind of money would provide a first-rate healthcare system with minimal out of pocket expense for every citizen. This would be complimented with a first-rate public educational system.

    Those who have a desire to attend public universities would no longer have to resort to bribery or other illegal shenanigans to enter these institutions of higher learning. Municipalities that our experiencing blight could be revitalized. The missing trillions could make the lives of United States citizens a little bit more pleasant.

    Why the secrecy of an advanced space program? The answer is petrodollars. When viewing a man-made triangular TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecraft (usually mis-identified as a UFO) one of the first questions that would be asked is what kind of fuel is that spacecraft using. One can be certain it is not using gasoline.

    For such spacecrafts to travel the solar system and beyond it is using some form of zero-point energy. Simply put zero-point energy is unlimited free energy. Free energy is an anathema to the Petro-chemical industry. You see, free energy would undermine the global economy which is based on the petrodollar. Therefore, the SSP (secret space program) has to be kept under wraps at all times.

    For the globalists to retain their power, they have deemed it necessary to keep mankind under the yoke of the petrodollar. The revelation that zero-point energy exists and is ready to be utilized would weaken the global domination of the banking industry.

W. O. Belfield, Jr.

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